NCE 2.4.85 - Arillium

Created on 1/22/2021 9:39:45 PM

We've just deployed the latest update to the Neocron Evolution Servers. Mostly a backend update, but this should hopefully provide a bit more stability against a recent spate of Bad World Data(BWD's) within the game. 

As usual, we ask you to always let us know by our official communication channels if there are problems. Preferably via Twitter or Discord.  

Patch Notes;

Gameworld & Content

  • NExT have impounded the illegal sleighs left by S.A.N.T.A BOT

Technical & Client Updates

  • Added extra server monitoring to investigate recent bad world errors.
  • If you get a bad world error please report it to the NST with the sector name.

NCE 2.4.84 - Arillium

Created on 1/6/2021 11:13:31 AM by NST


  • S.A.N.T.A BOT left town;
  • Removed XMAS decorations;
  • Weather control changed the weather pattern to 'normal' and has deactivated snow;

NCE 2.4.83 - Arillium

Created on 12/13/2020 5:54:42 PM by NST


  • S.A.N.T.A BOT is back in town!

Gameworld & Content

  • Added christmas decorations;
  • Weather control granted snow this season!;
  • Changed mission-chain order of Job Center missions;
  • Altered Mr. Jones scripts with intel about the Job Center;
  • Added a dismiss function to Mr. Jones for runner with a BR of 25+;


  • Added re-mastered GeneReplicator (Blue & Brown);
  • Added fairy lights;
  • Added Sleigh;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Minor stability fix to improve loading of game resources. There should be less freezing for players with lots of drive letters.

NCE 2.4.82 - Arillium

Created on 10/8/2020 10:59:07 AM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Increased the spawn-chance for "Big Soulcluster" by 20% (Worm Tunnels);
  • Added more spawn-points for "Big Soulcluster" (Worm Tunnels);
  • Scout drones are now labelled as 'agressive' (You can't use it in safe-zones anymore);

NCE 2.4.81 - Arillium

Created on 7/19/2020 5:34:19 AM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed a problem with epics;

NCE 2.4.80 - Arillium

Created on 6/21/2020 10:35:39 AM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Sarah Kocher (NCPD Run) is now asking for the correct drug;
  • The contents of Dr. Wulfram's belt are now respawning much faster;
  • The contents of Doc Pertken's belt are now respawning much faster;
  • Increased drop chances of the 'Sinusconnector';
  • Lowered Baserank requirements from 55 to 45 (WoC INT mission);
  • Increased the mission timer for the 'Freedom Fighter CPU'- run from 4 to 5 ingame days;

NCE 2.4.79 - Arillium

Created on 6/19/2020 6:17:14 AM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added a new Wisdom of Ceres Mission to the Gameworld, called "Pertken's Third Hand", which you can start in Tech Haven Sector 2*;
  • Added a new Wisdom of Ceres Mission to the Gameworld, called "A vehicle is all I need", which you can start at Desert Racetrack;
  • Removed weather effect "Rain" from all Headquarters;
  • Altered loot in Mech Haven;
  • Altered Spawn in Mech Haven;
  • Altered Boss in Mech Haven;
  • You don't need a poker anymore to implant your tradeskill glove, just a 'Personal Implant Tool';
  • Stamina Booster v4 is now working as intended;

*Only Constructor and Researcher can start this mission!

  • Balancing

  • Wisdom of Ceres Powerarmour
    • Lowered Resist;
    • Lowered Combatskills;
    • Changed the Monk malus from 'Agility' to 'Athletics';
    • Removed 'Athletics' malus from the Private Eye Powerarmour;
  • Multi Lightning PSI modules animation changed to match Multi Energy Bolt animation;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed a bug with 'Multi-Lightning Bolt' PSI modules which could lead to client freezes and crashes;

NCE 2.4.78 - Arillium

Created on 6/6/2020 5:46:48 AM by NST

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed random crashes;
  • Fixed missing sounds for 'Launcher Cyclops';

NCE 2.4.77 - Arillium

Created on 6/4/2020 2:42:16 PM by NST

Technical & Client Updates

  • Improved client stability;
  • Improved Sync speed;
  • Removed Log spam; 

Gameworld & Content

  • Slightly increased repair costs for the 'NExT Quad V.1';
  • Slightly increased repair costs for the 'NExT Reveler-Chaincraft V.2.5';

NCE 2.4.75-76 - Arillium

Created on 5/31/2020 12:22:07 PM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Altered spawn in the 'Baneful Spidercave';

  • Added re-compiled 'Baneful Spidercave' map;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Increased server stability;