• PTS Update (08/04/2024) - NCE 2.5.532

    Created on 4/8/2024 4:15:49 PM by NST

    General Information

    When you're having a black screen, when starting the PTS Client, close it and set a resolution first (There is a settings option within the Launcher)!

    Please test and give us your feedback, thanks!

    Gameworld & Content

    • Added re-mastered NeoFrag 1 & 2 Map:
      • NeoFrag 1&2 are now Safezones, due to the long sync times, when you exit a holomatch;
      • Added a GR & GoGu to the area;
      • Improved GravLift (added another stop and the GravLift is now running both directions);
    • Added additional info to Lorcans mission in Area MC5;
    • Altered Geordi Script to reflect the new weapon qualities;
    • Fixed an issue with the CityAdministration Epic (GitHub Issue #60);
    • Fixed typos in various files;
    • Fixed a wrong shown zone line (GitHub Issue #51);
    • Fixed cut off Venture Warp message (GitHub Issue #36);
    • Outpost GRs are now labelled as "extremely dangerous", instead of "Critical" to reflect the danger in those areas;
    • Normalised several prices at Outposts;
    • Added GoGu near upper shops at OZ: Station;
    • Added Shortcutnames to most weapons (GitHub Issue #52);
    • Fixed wrong faction names for several items (N.E.X.T -> NExT);
    • Fixed wrong dialouge from Ore Extractors - Regant Mission (GitHub Issue #46);
    • Fixed double explosion on RoG/RoLH;
    • NavRay:
      • To help new runner, we've updated the NavRay to help them find their desired Dungeon, those are:
        • Plaza Dungeons;
        • Viarosso Dungeons;
        • Pepper Park Dungeons;
        • Outzone/Industrial Dungeons;
        • Military Base Dungeons;
        • Tech Haven Dungeons;
        • Canyon Dungeons;
        • Some of the most common Wasteland Dungeons;
    • Corrected wrong name "Gaya" to "Gaia" in various files;
    • Law Enforcer:
      • CityAdministration reduced the Money fee, you're now paying 25%, instead of 33%;
      • CityAdministration removed the XP malus;
    • H11 - Blackhill Fortress:
      • Fixed holes in fences;
      • Fixed pit by hackterm;
      • Decorated shop displays with example items;
    • H13 - Nemesis Lab:
      • Removed some trees effecting LoS within the OP;
      • Fixed pit by outer wall;
      • Decorated shop displays with example items;
    • H16 - Eastgate Factory:
      • Fixed invisible hitbox in tunnel;
      • Fixed pits around hackterm;
    • I11 - Tristar Uplink:
      • Fixed Tech Door Tree;
    • B07 - Point Red:
      • Removed tree which you could get stuck behind;
    • F12 - Cycrow Lab:
      • Fixed barrels outside CRP which you could get stuck behind;
    • Crahn Church:
      • Reduced overall Mob damage;
      • Increased rank to a minimum of 100;
      • Reduced & reoragnised Mob spawns;

    Server & Client Updates

    • Reorganized the Server and Client Source;
    • Fixed a lot of Header issues;
    • Converted the Source to 'cmake';
    • Fixed an issue with double clicking a GR destination after a zone reset (GitHub Issue #24);
    • Fixed an issue with item slots overlapping the item name (GitHub Issue #30);
    • Fixed an issue with selling items from the Quickbelt. Players can no longer sell stackable items from their quickbelt (GitHub Issue #42);
    • Fixed Weapon GFXs lingering for a long time (GitHub Issue #49)
    • Fixed speed on ladder, while using high FPS;
    • Fixed wrong shown Constructionbar Count (GitHub Issue #32)
    • Fixed wrong repair prices for some vehicle (GitHub Issue #45)
    • Fixed an issue with OP Faction discounts (GitHub Issue #63);
    • Fixed an issue where the 8th player crashed, when joined a Team;
    • Deactivated the ability to punch while in stealth;
    • QoL Changes:
      • Added additional information to the Item detail page stating if an item can be dropped or loses condition after repair (work in progress). This information will only display if the item has the no drop or no repair flags;
      • Added a search feature to the vendor trade window on both the buy and sell sides;
      • If you are using a custom HUD you will need to update your BMP file or use the orginal file;
      • Added "sell max" to the vendor trade window. This allows players to sell stacks of items;
      • Added +10 quantity for purchases to the vendor trade window;
      • Added major item requirement to vendor inventory;
      • Added the ability sort items by name and price to the vendor trade window sell side;
      • Fixed many minor bugs in the trade window including scrollers not rendering, sorting not working properly, and more;
    • Outposts:
      • Created adjustable timer, which are no longer hardcoded;
      • Deactivated the Hacknet part for Outpost takeovers;
      • Created a custom message to indicate how much time is left before you can hack again vs just saying "please wait 60 seconds"
      • A message is now sent to the clan that owns the Outpost when the Outpost is hacked back. It states that the Outpost's security has been restored;
      • The hackterm will state "Security systems online... integrity compromised" when accessed if layers are not reset vs "Security systems online"
      • Hack blocking is now disabled. Attackers and defenders have distinct timers that do not impact each other. However, both attackers and defenders must wait for the layer delay before hacking. After that, they are subject to their own distinct delays;
      • Increased the delay between hacks: 
        • After a failed hack you have to wait 60 seconds; 
        • From Layer 1 -> 2 you have to wait 120 seconds;
        • From Layer 2 -> 3 you have to wait 120 seconds;

  • Weekend fun - Weekend full of goodies

    Created on 3/8/2024 9:03:40 AM by NST

    Join us in a weekend packed with different modifiers.

    We start the weekend on Friday with the following modifiers active in the game:

    •  Higher chance of slots when constructing
    •  Double Sympathy from missions
    •  Up to 8 times faster SI fade

    On Saturday we kick off with the following:

    • Double XP for all your kills
    • Double XP for all tradeskill actions

    Concluding the weekend on Sunday with:

    •  Drug-fest galore, all drugs will give you twice as much fun.
    •  Extra safe slot in your quickbelt for the day
    •  Double XP again (Both Kills and Tradeskills)

  • Community PvE Event - Baneful Spider Cave

    Created on 2/22/2024 12:46:21 PM by NST

    Join us tonight for another of our "harder" community dungeon runs. We will run the Baneful Spider Cave at 8pm GMT.

    As this marks a step up in difficultly I would like to share some considerations:

    • No noob characters, this is intended end game content so attending characters should reflect that
    • No afk leechers taking up team slots
    • We need PPUs, at least 1 per team
    • Please wear appropriate armour for the dungeon
      • Damage Types for this dungeon are: Poison, Piercing, Force
    • Do not pull additional enemies
      • We'll move through clearing each corridor at a time
      • Bear in mind there are respawns so keep together and watch your back
    • Target priorities are:
      • Small melee spiders > Spider Nests > anything else

    As usual we will be running this as close to a normal player scenario as possible, meaning no GM assistance (no GM buffs, no GM rez, etc). When / if the team wipes, we will clear the area, GM rez and reset.

    Hopefully we will manage to get some successful runs.