• NCE 2.5.36 - Redflash

    Created on 10/27/2021 8:09:55 PM by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Fixed DEF structure inconsistency and deleted unused entries;
    • Altered Spidercave spawn;
    • Altered Halloween Event Dungeon spawn and loot;
    • Added a new weapon (Halloween Event);

    Technical & Client Updates

    • Updated dynamic light functions;
    • Updated compiler infrastructure to Visual Studio 2019;
    • Fixed a new bug within brightness calculation;
    • Fixed a new bug within sound volume calculation;
    • Fixed issues in the backend and build environment;
    • Removed a lot of unused code;
    • Fixed text decals (Outpost owner signs for instance);
    • Changed all remaining C files to C++;
    • Set hint to prefer dedicated GPU;
    • Standard video modes (Windowed, Bordered, etc.) are now available for all video adapter;
    • Fixed bug in the particle system;
    • Reimplemented dummy GPU driver for server;
    • Updated the Spidernest AI script;
    • Added a new itemflag "RapidDecay" (not attached to any regular item so far!);

  • Unholy Pumpkin in town!

    Created on 10/21/2021 4:25:25 PM by NST

    The Unholy Pumpkin is in town - Trick or Treat? ;)

  • Oh my...

    Created on 10/9/2021 10:29:15 AM by NST

    Synaptic Impairment (SI) will be gone 9 times quicker and you have a second safe slot today!

    You may want to try some pills today as well, Black Dragon dealer reported subskill pills are giving twice the amount you normally get! 

    [ENDING tomorrow morning, 10.10.2021]