• You've Earnt the 100 Players Achievement!

    Created on 27.02.2021 22:04:14

    I don't know where to start. 

    7 days ago we launched the biggest update to Neocron that we've ever done. By biggest, not only in terms of what we delivered, but we had people working on this update for well over 1 year!

    5 days ago we got a few hotfixes in from bug reports raised both in-game(which we've not seen in ages!), and via our Discord channels. Some of these hotfixes wouldn't have happened without you reporting them! It is so vital that you report anything that could be a bug (or feature ;)) so we can assess it.

    That bring us onto tonight. Well, tonight we hit 100 concurrent players! 

    From us at the Neocron Support Team, thank you! We genuinely cannot run this game without you, so despite our plans to continually provide updates to this amazing game, without you wanting it, and playing it, it would be nothing. <3

    OH EMM GEE! 100 Players!

  • NCE 2.5.90>92 - Redflash

    Created on 23.02.2021 18:22:24

    Keeping the momentum going, our team have already got a couple of updates that have hit Titan tonight!

    It's not as extensive as the 2.5 Update Notes, so no PDF this time! Back to our usual delivery method on this post.

    As usual, any problems/questions/queries/bugs - Please contact a member of the NST via Twitter or Discord.

    Gameworld & Content

    • Faction HQ GeneReps are now working again
    • Fixed misspelled part in the "Trader PA" mission script
    • High-level DoY Units now drop "Rivets"
    • Geordi (Newbie MC5) is now accepting the correct Weaponparts for the PSI weapon
    • Fixed incorrect F8 Mission text (Job Centre, Jonathan)
    • Fixed incorrect F8 Mission text (Job Centre, Eli)
    • Fixed incorrect F8 Mission text (Job Centre, Laura)
    • Eli (Job Centre) is now pointing to the correct Follow-NPC (Jonathan, instead of Julian)
    • Galahan Spangler is now visible again (Viarosso Sec 1)
    • Fixed spelling mistake (Liar -> Lair) for the new Bat Queen Bones
    • Added some "Piles of Glass" to Plaza Sector 2
    • Altered Glass Hitbox
    • MB Sector 1: Grounded floating actors and renewed several decals
    • MB Sector 1: Added shop signs
    • Added short name to the Antigamma Leg ("BTL")
    • Corrected short name of Cryton's Damaged Legbone (CL -> CDL)
    • Fixed incorrect item description of "Advanced Tactical Mercenary CPU"
    • Updated the item description of the DoY Repair Coordination Eye to reflect the new malus
    • Added information to REC-, CST- and Research Terminal missions, so you know who you have to talk with
    • Fixed spelling of Experimental Balistic Chip V1 to Experimental Ballistic Chip V1
    • Fixed spelling of Experimental Balistic Chip V2 to Experimental Ballistic Chip V2
    • Fixed spelling of Experimental Balistic Chip V3 to Experimental Ballistic Chip V3


    • Added missing .BSP file for the "Antique Heist" Apartment
    • Added recompiled BSP for the "Battlechurch" map (Fixed possible safe-spots)


    • Increased damage of Crystal Cave Queen
    • Increased damage of Genotoxic Nightmare
    • Increased damage of Big Swamprider
    • Increased damage of Grim Persecutor
    • Decreased damage of DoY Superwarrior Major
    • Increased PSI cost of Holy Antibuff 10 -> 200
    • Updated TL and requirement of Neural Advancement V2 36 -> 35
    • Updated TL and requirement of Coordination Advancement V2 36 -> 35
    • Updated TL and requirement of Crahn PSI Experience Memory Alpha V2 36 -> 35
    • Updated TL and requirement of Enhanced Physics CPU V2 36 -> 35
    • Updated TL and requirement of Enhanced Physics CPU V2 36 -> 35

  • NCE 2.5.86>89 - Redflash

    Created on 21.02.2021 15:11:01 by Kronos

    Well, what can we say. The initial receivership of this massive update is amazing! Thank you to you all for your continued support. Without you, there is no Neocron!

    Firstly, I apologise for not getting these update notes out sooner. You'll understand why shortly!

    Secondly, due to the sheer quantity of notes, we're not posting them directly on here. We're providing a link to a PDF for you to view/download at your leisure. 

    Please, take your time reading them, there are a lot of changes, and it DOES all make sense! 

    As usual, if there are any glaring errors, then do let us know via Twitter or Discord.

    NCE 2.5.86>89 - Redflash - Update Notes