• NCE 2.3.22 - Xlenium

    Created on 12.02.2019 12:13:36 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • German F8 mission text corrected for the Eli Mission (Job Center) - It's now displaying the correct amount of required items;
    • Smuggler cave map updated - There should be no FPS drop anymore;
    • Sector G08:
      • Grounded several floating actors;
      • Moved "Finster" to prevent him getting stuck in a tree.


    • Advanced Nerves implant bonus restored;


    • Added a new chest - created by RuNmAN;
    • Added a new hackable box - created by RuNmAN;
    • Added a few new Event actors/assets for the upcoming "Love is in the Air Event";

  • NCE 2.3.15-21 - Xlenium

    Created on 01.02.2019 15:07:18 by NST


    • Triple XP Boost deactivated;


    • Added 3rd Person Remote Repair Tool;
    • Added 1st Person Remote Repair Tool;
    • Added 3rd Person Implant Tool;


    • Armour stats increased;
    • Removed decimals from armour;
    • Rare Implants slightly increased;
    • Removed decimals from implants;