• Update R#20 - T#189

    Created on 20.07.2018 07:05:01 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Added 5 new (very hard) Terminal missions for each faction to the game;

  • Update R#20 - T#188

    Created on 18.07.2018 20:21:12 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Subway
      • Grounded floating actors;
      • Added Exitsigns to Plaza and Pepper Park Station;
      • Plaza Station is now more safe - a new CopBot is on patrol;
    • Outzone / Crahn Epic
      • Raymon moved to a new (near) location - He should not get stuck between boxes after you killed him;
    • Clan Arrows
      • Clan Arrows should be active again;


    • Added new Subway Trafficsystem Decals to the game;

  • Update R#20 - T#182-187

    Created on 15.07.2018 15:16:28 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Added a reset function for daily missions;
    • Grounded floating actors (trees, boxes etc.) in all A and B wasteland-sectors;
      • Corrected wrong GR models (to the dirty version) in those sectors;
      • Altered spawn;
      • Changed spawn routes: roads are "safe" now;
    • Altered spawn in J 01;
      • Grounded floating actors in J 01;
    • Added GenRep to K15 (Escador Oasis);
      • Grounded floating actors in K15;