NCE 2.4.84 - Arillium

Created on 06.01.2021 11:13:31 by NST


  • S.A.N.T.A BOT left town;
  • Removed XMAS decorations;
  • Weather control changed the weather pattern to 'normal' and has deactivated snow;

NCE 2.4.83 - Arillium

Created on 13.12.2020 17:54:42 by NST


  • S.A.N.T.A BOT is back in town!

Gameworld & Content

  • Added christmas decorations;
  • Weather control granted snow this season!;
  • Changed mission-chain order of Job Center missions;
  • Altered Mr. Jones scripts with intel about the Job Center;
  • Added a dismiss function to Mr. Jones for runner with a BR of 25+;


  • Added re-mastered GeneReplicator (Blue & Brown);
  • Added fairy lights;
  • Added Sleigh;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Minor stability fix to improve loading of game resources. There should be less freezing for players with lots of drive letters.

NCE 2.4.82 - Arillium

Created on 08.10.2020 10:59:07 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Increased the spawn-chance for "Big Soulcluster" by 20% (Worm Tunnels);
  • Added more spawn-points for "Big Soulcluster" (Worm Tunnels);
  • Scout drones are now labelled as 'agressive' (You can't use it in safe-zones anymore);

NCE 2.4.81 - Arillium

Created on 19.07.2020 05:34:19 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed a problem with epics;

NCE 2.4.80 - Arillium

Created on 21.06.2020 10:35:39 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Sarah Kocher (NCPD Run) is now asking for the correct drug;
  • The contents of Dr. Wulfram's belt are now respawning much faster;
  • The contents of Doc Pertken's belt are now respawning much faster;
  • Increased drop chances of the 'Sinusconnector';
  • Lowered Baserank requirements from 55 to 45 (WoC INT mission);
  • Increased the mission timer for the 'Freedom Fighter CPU'- run from 4 to 5 ingame days;

NCE 2.4.79 - Arillium

Created on 19.06.2020 06:17:14 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added a new Wisdom of Ceres Mission to the Gameworld, called "Pertken's Third Hand", which you can start in Tech Haven Sector 2*;
  • Added a new Wisdom of Ceres Mission to the Gameworld, called "A vehicle is all I need", which you can start at Desert Racetrack;
  • Removed weather effect "Rain" from all Headquarters;
  • Altered loot in Mech Haven;
  • Altered Spawn in Mech Haven;
  • Altered Boss in Mech Haven;
  • You don't need a poker anymore to implant your tradeskill glove, just a 'Personal Implant Tool';
  • Stamina Booster v4 is now working as intended;

*Only Constructor and Researcher can start this mission!

  • Balancing

  • Wisdom of Ceres Powerarmour
    • Lowered Resist;
    • Lowered Combatskills;
    • Changed the Monk malus from 'Agility' to 'Athletics';
    • Removed 'Athletics' malus from the Private Eye Powerarmour;
  • Multi Lightning PSI modules animation changed to match Multi Energy Bolt animation;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed a bug with 'Multi-Lightning Bolt' PSI modules which could lead to client freezes and crashes;

NCE 2.4.78 - Arillium

Created on 06.06.2020 05:46:48 by NST

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed random crashes;
  • Fixed missing sounds for 'Launcher Cyclops';

NCE 2.4.77 - Arillium

Created on 04.06.2020 14:42:16 by NST

Technical & Client Updates

  • Improved client stability;
  • Improved Sync speed;
  • Removed Log spam; 

Gameworld & Content

  • Slightly increased repair costs for the 'NExT Quad V.1';
  • Slightly increased repair costs for the 'NExT Reveler-Chaincraft V.2.5';

NCE 2.4.75-76 - Arillium

Created on 31.05.2020 12:22:07 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Altered spawn in the 'Baneful Spidercave';

  • Added re-compiled 'Baneful Spidercave' map;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Increased server stability;

NCE 2.4.74 - Arillium

Created on 27.05.2020 09:28:46 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Realigned furniture at Plaza Sector 2;
  • Realigned furniture at Plaza Sector 3;
  • Realigned furniture at Plaza Sector 4;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed an issue with the Baneful Spidercave;