Even the most basic human society cannot exist without certain groups of people who in one way or the other strive for power over other people. Neocron and its surrounding regions are no different in this regard. The city's history is stamped by the fights between varying political, industrial, religious and scientific organizations. This struggle for power had not started with the fights between historical figures like Thor and Crahn and it will certainly not end with contemporary conflicts like the one between Neocron's CityAdmin and the rebels of the Twilight Guardian, or the hidden war between the Tsunami Syndicate and the Black Dragon Clan.

No, the battlefields where differing opponents fight for more power over the known world of Neocron are numerous and well populated. The opponents are as mercyless as they are different. From the city's administration and government to the anarchists in the Outzone, from the warring criminal gangs to the massive corporations, from mercenaries out in the wastelands to the religiously fanatic followers of Crahn... all of them ultimately want to claim their place as the most powerful faction of Neocron.

And they need YOUR help to get there.

City Administration

"For Reza, for Neocron, for the people."

Freedom... an unknown concept until Reza's prospering rule began. The CityAdmin and NCPD were created by President Reza in order to protect and serve the people of Neocron. The NCPD protects the citizens from internal and external threats while the CityAdmin plays, as the name indicates, an administrative role in running the city.

Of course President Reza, contrary to what dissidents and political agitators try to propagate, is not a despotic, power-hungry autocrat who holds the city in an iron grip. In fact, the benevolent leader of Neocron is a wise and learned man, who merely is head of the city council, which holds the true power in the city. Suspicions that the only reason for this council not being formed in free elections is because its current members are supposedly Reza's puppets, are of course totally unfounded and do not contain even the slightest trace of truth.

Biotech Systems

BioTech Systems Incorporated (BioTech) is a curious corporation. Research into biomechanical implements and nano-augmentations for disabled citizens is an admirable function, however BioTech doesn't stop there. By their own admission, BioTech's two-word goal is “Custom Evolution”. Some would say that the potential abuse of such a goal is a reality through BioTech's existence. CEO Seymour Jordan would struggle to disagree with them.

Diamond Real Estate

Neocron's largest real estate agency. Diamond owns and leases out most of the residential and commercial spaces you will see in the city of Neocron.

The apartment you live in, the cornershop, the ViaRosso suite of your wealthy friend - chances are that they are all owned by Diamond.


"Your hope. Your strength. Your cure."

One of the most lucrative businesses in society has always been medical care. This is what ProtoPharm base their entire financial concept on. They produce anything in the medical industry, ranging from the most basic of Medkits to miracle cures. Their biggest invention and most recognised achievement was the cryogenic chambers called “CryoVaultsTM”, which made the construction of the great settler starships for the Great Trek possible. This is closely followed by the “VitaeTM” multipurpose medication. Not even the “Spirula” scandal has managed to overshadow this. Spirula was a medication against radiation damage which lead to massive genetic damage among the bulk of the citizens, triggering a new wave of mutants in the years 2740-47.

Tangent Technologies

Tangent Technologies Inc. (Tangent) is the main weapons developer / manufacturer in the city of Neocron. Originally an internal division of BioTech Industries (BioTech), Tangent broke from it's parent company in 2746. It's focus on the research and development of arms provided such quality that CityAdmin uses Tangent weapons to arm their CopBot squads. The Tangent culture clearly revolves around personal safety and security. Their motto, “In guns we trust”, is really the perfect descriptor.


"Wherever you go - go NExT"

And most people do, because Neocron Exploration Technology Inc. (NExT) is definitely the largest producer of almost any form of vehicle in Neocron. From conventional motorbikes to subways, from cabs to giant generation starships - there are few vehicles on the roads and in the skies of Neocron that have not been manufactured by NExT.

City Mercs

City Mercs are what the name implies - mercenaries.

Guns and muscles for hire, they do the jobs that you just are too sophisticated (or wimpy) to do on your own. Of course these warriors for hire operate under a certain code of conduct and will not do just anything unless the price is right. A wise person once said “Every man has a price...”.

Twilight Guardian

Idealistic, uncompromising, enthusiastic. That is what the men and women of the Twilight Guardian movement are or at least try to be. In their fight against the current despotic Neocron regime they are all determined to even give their lives if need be, in the fight which they have taken up to create a better future for the people of Neocron. Or to put it in their own words: “Freedom is our law!”But not all citizens think that they need to be saved from the current government...

Brotherhood of Crahn

"Defending the truth against all heathens until Crahn the Savior returns!"

The Brotherhood of Crahn is the biggest and most influential religious organization in Neocron. Having played the games of power on both sides, as rulers as well as persecuted underdogs, in recent times they seem to have withdrawn their activities to the field of PSI research and the production of PSI devices. Apart from their ever present religious acitvities of course.

Black Dragon

The Black Dragons control the illegal drug market in Neocron, dealing in anything from over the counter products to black market goods.

They also control parts of the real estate market. Some consider them just as ruthless in both areas of business. They are dangerous businessmen who do not hesitate to eliminate any competition or tenant that gets out of line.

Tsunami Syndicate

"Our business is your pleasure."

The Tsunami Syndicate deals in crime and they do not even try to hide it. Prostitution, gambling and extortion are their main sources of income. They are situated in Pepper Park, where they control the red-light district. They also control various shops and establishments on all levels of Pepper Park and the Dome of York.

Fallen Angels

The Fallen Angels, aka the “Tech Freaks”, are the founders and inhabitants of the vast underground complex in the Wastelands known as “Tech Haven”. When the PSI Monks ruled Neocron, a group of scientists who had to work nearly like slaves for the PSI Monk government escaped their laboratories and escaped to the wastelands. There Tech Haven was built, an ever-growing underground complex for the technocrats to freely and independently research new ways of making life under the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic world easier for everyone.