General Rules

These guidelines are provided and enforced to ensure the quality of the discussion platform made available to the Neocron community

The moderators of these forums (Members of the Neocron Support Team) will enforce these rules according to the Neocron Support Team's internal guidelines. Your posting may be deleted or locked, you may be given a warning or in extreme cases you may be banned from the use of this forum.

Should you have a problem with a particular post the 'Report Post Button' () allows you to bring it to the attention of the Neocron Support Team. Should your issue involve a specific poster you can email the Neocron Support Team at, any questions about the moderation of the forum should also be sent to this address.

If you have a problem with a moderator please email in the first instance to address your problems. Please do not try to discuss the personal problems you may have with other community members (including moderators) on the forums.

The Neocron Support Team enforce these rules of conduct only within the discussion platforms provided by the Neocron Support Team. This does not include unofficial chatrooms, unofficial discussion boards or any other type of communication platform run by third parties.

Additional Forum Rules of Conduct

Acceptable Ways To Deal With Insults And Attacks

There will be no insulting, harassing or 'flaming' of other forum members, players of the Neocron Game, or the clans formed of those players. This also includes responding to such behavior. Also remember to use the 'Report Post Button' exists if you take offence to a post or believe it should be reviewed by the Neocron Support Team.

There will be no discussion based on a national, political, religious, sexual or ethnical nature. This is a worldwide forum with people from a wide spectrum and even when you think your aren't being offensive you can indeed offend people.

The following is taken from the in game Neocron 2 Rules of Conduct to stress the issue. If you have a concern about in game behavior of a player DO NOT post it to the forums. Reports of this nature should be sent to with screenshots, chat logs and links to videos. If their actions do not warrant the attention of the Neocron Support Team then please keep it in the game.

Repetitive Questions

If there already is a thread about a certain topic on the first page of a forum and a second thread about a similar topic is started, the second thread may be closed and a link to the first thread will be posted there. Also, moderators may merge similar threads. It should be in the interest of all forum users to prevent having more than one thread about the same topic. Shoudl a thread of yours 'disappear' always check your profile and choose "search for all posts by this user" to locate your missing post as it's likely they have been merged with another thread. Please use the search engine before asking a question.

Spamming, Advertising And Power-Posting

Spamming, Trolling, Power-Posting & Advertising are not permitted. Refrain from posting advertisements of any description (commercial or non-commercial) unless it is related to an ongoing discussion. Refrain from posting only short, meaningless sentences or only one emote/smiley. Do not bump up topics that are not on the first page of the forum unless you have new and substantive information to include. Spamming also consists of pointless topics, hijacking threads into off topic territory, "canned" picture statements and turning a thread into a conversation (please use private messaging for that). Do not post threads for the attention of a single individual even if all other forms of personal communication have been exhausted.

Appropriate Forum

Please remember to post in the appropriate forum. Just because one forum gets more attention than another is no excuse to post your thread in the incorrect forum.

Graphics and Signatures

Avatars used by the Neocron Support Team, e.g. CopBot, STORMbot and Warbot avatars, are the exclusive domain of the Neocron Support Team and the owners of the Neocron Intellectual Property, as such these should not be used by any other forum user. This includes old and previous versions of these avatars. 

Custom avatars/signatures may not break any other forum rules and may not resemble official avatars. Signatures may not be higher then 120 pixels in height, 7 lines of text or a combination of the two (for example, it is permissible to have a 50 pixel graphic and 4 lines of text). Signature width is restricted to 700 pixels. Any linked content must not consume excessive bandwidth or affect the performance of other forum users.

Private Message Boxes

The Neocron Support Team uses the Private Message system to communicate important information to individuals such as official warnings and signature change requests. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Private Message box has sufficient space to receive messages. Full PM boxes or unread messages are not grounds for delaying a moderator's decision. Note that the Sent Items folder also counts as used space.

Multiple Forum Accounts

Multiple forum accounts for the same poster are not permitted and will be immediately banned without warning upon discovery.

Forum Bans

Severe or repeated breaches of the forum rules may result in a forum ban. The first ban will be for 72 hours after which the user will be re-admitted on a parole basis. Further breaches of the rules will result in a 7-day ban. Any third ban will be permanent. Examples of serious breaches are racist or homophobic remarks, posting evidence of hacks or exploits, posting messages for banned users or creating new accounts to evade a ban, and creating threads to continue arguments from closed threads.

Neocron Support Team Members

The word of any member of the Neocron Support Team is final. If you have a complaint you can email

The Neocron Support Team and owners of the Neocron Intellectual Property cannot be held responsible for the content of conversations on the provided forums. Although reasonable steps are being taken to ensure that the users of these platforms may not be distressed by content violating the rules of conduct, it is possible that such content may be present temporarily until edited or removed by a moderator.

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