General Support Policies

Loss of In-Game Items

The loss of items will not normally be compensated. The sole exception will be when the Neocron Support Team have provided prior notification of issues affecting the game servers, in which case backups of characters may be restored. Direct compensation of items or in-game currency is not permitted.

Loss of Character Related Skill Values In-Game

The loss of character values such as skills and sub-skills, soul light, faction sympathy and faction affiliation will only be corrected after a Senior Gamemaster of the Neocron Support Team has verified the loss and linked it to an acknowledged bug. In extreme cases (e.g. a complete loss of values) a rollback of the character may be performed. All queries about skill values must first be submitted to the Help Desk.

Loss of Character Related Skill Values at Events

There will be no rollback for character values lost during events, official or otherwise. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that only valid targets are selected. If in doubt the player should not take offensive action against NPCs or other runners.

Using the CityCom E-Mail System

The E-Mail system within the CityCom is a messaging tool designed to enhance in-game communication between players and as such is not to be considered secure. The Neocron Support Team assumes no responsibility for private information (personal data, account information, passwords, CD-keys etc.) transmitted via this system.

Restoring Characters Lost due to External Influences

If one or more characters are lost due to external actions, they may be restored from backup at the sole discretion of the Neocron Support Team. Restoration will only occur in very specific circumstances after the case has been reviewed. In such cases where a back up is used, only the characters will be restored. Items in apartments, the GoGuardian or the character's inventory will be deleted to ensure that duplication does not occur.


Intentionally misleading or deceiving the Neocron Support Team in any way will result in a temporary, or in extreme cases, permanent ban of the Game and/or Forum Account(s).

List of Prohibited In-Game Actions

The following actions are in violation of the Neocron Rules of Conduct and will result in a warning and possibly a ban of your Neocron Game Account(s):

  • Levelling sympathy or soullight on non-mission related NPCs.
  • Spamming public in-game chat channels.
  • Running third party macro, cheat or network monitoring tools.
  • Pushing dead bodies or players who are away from the keyboard (afk) beyond zone boundaries, so as to deny resurrection or to enable the killing of an afk player.
  • Pushing dead bodies into boxes, trees or any other place that renders them untargetable.
  • Placing outpost turrets in boxes, trees, on walls, rooftops or any other place that renders them untargetable.
  • Copying another runner's name with the express purpose of gaining personal advantage or harassing the original.
  • Runners equiped with a Law Enforcer refusing to leave a dungeon, thus preventing it from being reset.
  • Levelling constitution by repeatedly damaging yourself either directly or indirectly.
  • Levelling sympathy or soullight by repeatedly and purposely by killing another player.
  • Levelling constitution by repeatedly and purposely getting yourself killed by Faction Guards, CopBots and S.T.O.R.M Bots.
  • Shooting enemies from a location where you can not be targeted or take any damage (known as safespots).

This list will be continuously updated and is therefore subject to change at any time. Ignorance of these rules is not an acceptable defence.

Last Updated: 3rd September 2014