UPDATE: NCE 2.3.25-27 - Preacher's Choice

Created on 23.10.2018 02:18:10 by NST

Gameworld & Content : Ceres Labs

13 years ago a City Administration Special Task Force closed and sealed all entrances to the Ceres BioGenetic Laboratories - Recently, Runners have begun to report back that the seals have since been broken, and the Labs are once against accessible.

  • Re-opened all four Ceres BioGenetic Laboratories;
  • Fixed several bugs on the map;

Gameworld & Content : New Dungeon

  • A new, unique dungeon, called "Mech Haven", has been added to the Gameworld;

Gameworld & Content : General

  • Fixed a wrong Node in Geordis script (AMC5), he will now give runner the correct direction to find the Nomad Trader camp;
  • Fixed wrong format (german Tasha script, AMC5), umlauts are now displayed correctly;
  • F8 text (Missions log) updated for Job Center missions;
  • Re-applied the "Grim Persecutor" AI script;


After many community discussions our starter profession pre-sets have been updated with the aim of ensuring everyone gets a better start to the game. Skills have been reworked to not only keep in-line with profession choices, but ensure new players have a guideline of where to allocate their skill points. Atop this we have increased the number of items a player starts with and reworked the items to give an extra leg up.

  • Crahn 'Novice' Gauntlet has been given +3 FCS;
  • All professions have had their starter gear reworked;
  • All professions now start with a recycle too;
  • Most professions start with the corresponding tool for any tradeskill they have;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed "Animationbug", you will now see NPCs shooting again;

SOFTUPDATE: NCE 2.3.14-24.1 - Preacher's Choice

Created on 19.10.2018 18:11:06 by NST


  • Fixed "Animation"- Bug: You will now see NPCs shooting again;

SOFTUPDATES are changes that don't require an update through the launcher or a server shutdown. SOFTUPDATES are applied to your local client while you play the game.

Update: NCE 2.3.14-23 - Preacher‘s Choice

Created on 31.08.2018 15:49:59 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added missing entries in text.ini - "NO TEXT" should not appear anymore for terminal missions;
  • Grounded floating actors in H10;
  • Mul Ketahg should now attack runner as intended;

Update: NCE 2.3.14-22 - Preacher‘s Choice

Created on 26.08.2018 10:44:58 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Re-added the GR at Escador Oasis (K15);
  • Grounded floating actors in K15;
  • Added some new decoration in K15;
  • Altered Spawn in G03;
  • Altered Spawn in H10;
  • Added "named Boss/Mob" in G03;
  • Added "named Boss/Mob" in H10;


  • Added new icons for crystal-rewards ("named Boss/Mob");

Update: NCE 2.3.14-21 - Preacher‘s Choice

Created on 10.08.2018 15:39:08 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added a daily mission for trader;
  • Added two daily missions for PvE;
  • Job Center Map filled with more life (NPCs and decoration);
  • Added a new tier of Stamina Booster;
  • Added a new tier of PSI Booster;
  • Added a new tier of Hack Booster;
  • Added a new tier of MedKit;
  • Grounded floating actors in J01;
  • Altered spawn in J01;
  • Subway
    • Grounded floating actors;
    • Added Exitsigns to Plaza and Pepper Park Station;
    • Plaza Station is now more safe - a new CopBot is on patrol;
  • Outzone / Crahn Epic
    • Raymon moved to a new (near) location - He should not get stuck between boxes after you killed him;
  • Added 5 new (very hard - Wastelands) Terminal missions for each faction;


  • Added new Subway Trafficsystem Decals to the game;
  • Added a new icon for PSI-, HCK-, and STA Booster;
  • Added a new icon for Medkits;

Update: NCE 2.3.8 - Preacher's Choice

Created on 30.06.2018 11:47:44 by NST

Technical & Client Updates

  • Compiler optimizations;


  • Added re-mastered Drones (RG50 for example);
  • Added re-mastered Barrel;
  • Added open wood box + lid;

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed typo in text.ini (NPCs now saying "Go away!", instead of "Go away!,";
  • Fixed a floating actor in the Job Center;
  • Mob spawn in F 02 altered;