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Neocron Game Accounts

I have played Neocron 2 in the past, will my account work with Neocron Community Edition?

Yes! If you've previously owned a Neocron 2 Account and can remember the password, you can simply login to the website and game. Your account is now a Neocron Game Account, compatible with Neocron Community Edition. No reactivation required!

I played the first version of Neocron in the past, will my account work with Neocron Community Edition?

No. Original Neocron Accounts were migrated on a case by case basis when players at the time purchased Neocron 2. All remaining non-migrated Original Neocron Account data was purged in 2008. However you can now create a new Neocron Game Account absolutely free.

I have never played Neocron, can I create a new Neocron Game Account?

Of course! For all you need to get into Neocron Community Edition, check out our Get in Game Guide. It's 100% free to do!

I know I have a Neocron Game Account but I can't remember the e-mail/user name/password, can I retrieve the account?

Yes! You can use the Recovery-tool to retrieve your password and/or your account name.

With the GDPR rules, which came a few years back, we had to delete all personal data.

The Neocron Support Team can only validate the ownership of an account via the email address.

I am a returning player and have logged into Neocron to discover all my characters have vanished! What has happened?

Don't panic! The Neocron Team backed up and took all old Neocron Game Servers (Mars, Mercury & Terra) offline, shortly after taking over operation of the Neocron Service. In their place we have deployed Titan, a totally new Neocron Game Server where everyone has started from scratch. While your old character data is safe, we currently have no plans to implement character transfers.

I am trying to log into the game but receive a "You have to wait 17 minutes for char creation" error message. Why?

Assuming you have not created a character in the last 17 minutes, please ensure you Neocron Game Account password does not contain the following special characters # . '.

Logging into the game tells me my account is banned, why?

Neocron Game Accounts are banned when players repeatedly violate the Neocron Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct or Forum Rules. You can view the Neocron Game Account termination terms in the Neocron Terms of Service.

Neocron Forum Accounts

I have my Neocron Game Account but I cannot log into the Neocron Forum, why?

The Neocron Game and Neocron Forum do not share an account database. To join the Neocron Forum you must create a separate Neocron Forum Account.

I have a Neocron Forum Account but I cannot recall the user name or password, can I retrieve the account?

Yes! If you can remember the e-mail address, simply retrieve your password. Otherwise Contact Account Support and provide them with as many details of the account as you can remember. For forum issues you should always email Account Support from the email address tied to your Neocron Forum Account.

Logging into the forum tells me my account is banned, why?

Neocron Forum Accounts are banned when players repeatedly violate the Neocron Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct or Forum Rules. You can view the Neocron Forum Account ban policy in the Neocron Terms of Service.

Harassment & Abuse

I am being harassed by a player using terminology and actions forbidden by the Neocron Rules of Conduct. What can I do?

You can report players who are harassing you. When you decide to raise a report always consider the context in which the other player was talking. Bad language is part of Neocron's atmosphere and setting and as such while it is not encouraged or endorsed, it is not censored or forbidden.

However, you should not have to put up with genuine harassment from anyone. If you believe another player is going beyond the Neocron Rules of Conduct in the way they treat you, you should contact the Help Desk who will investigate the player. When emailing with regards to harassment/abuse cases you should include relevant times and dates, suitable screen shots and as much evidence as possible. The Neocron Team will then investigate the case.

I gave another player an item to repair/construct/research, however he simply took it and won't return it to me! What can I do?

That's the way it goes in Neocron. It's every man, woman and mutant for themselves in Neocron's harsh cyberpunk world. Deception, tricky and the occasional cunning ruse are all part of Neocron and are not forbidden in the rules of the game. Consider the loss of your item a lesson learned, be careful who you trust and begin to make friends you can rely upon.

Just like in the real world, you need to know who you can trust with your valuables in Neocron.

I paid a lot of money to another player for a valuable item, yet when the trade completed the item I received was a piece of junk! Is that just the way it goes too?

No. Although players are sneaky, Neocron's trade system prevents players swapping out item at the last moment.

Once a player offers an item via the Player to Player trade window and clicks OK, items being moved in/out of the window on either side will reset the agreement. Both players have to show their side of the deal before a trade is made. Always make sure the other player has entered the right item and clicked OK before you click your OK button.

Exploit Definitions

The following Q&A may help you to decide if your actions constitute an exploit, and if so, what action you should take. If you are in any doubt then please contact the Help Desk.

What is an exploit?

An exploit is the deliberate misuse of weaknesses or bugs in game features for personal advantage.

What should I do if I find an exploit?

Contact the Neocron Support Team via the relevant e-mail address and state the circumstances as accurately as possible, including as much information as you can. Support may contact you if further information is required and will then forward the case to the development team. Under no circumstances should exploits be announced or otherwise discussed on the forums. Such discussion will lead to an automatic ban from the forums for everyone involved as per the Neocron Terms of Service.

What happens to players that knowingly use exploits to the advantage of themselves or others?

Players that knowingly and continually use exploits have to expect a permanent ban of their Neocron account(s). A permanent forum ban will also be imposed.

What should I do when I see other players using exploits?

If you encounter a player or players deliberately using exploits, please write an email with a description of the exploit, names of the people involved and any screenshots you may have taken to the exploits e-mail address. Your report will be handled with absolute discretion.

Is there a list of known exploits so I can check whether I am breaking the rules?

For security reasons a list of existing exploits will not be published. If you believe you are using an exploit please contact the Neocron Support Team for assistance. No one will be banned arbitrarily or without due cause.

Neocron Game World

Player Apartments

I have forgotten the password to my Starter Apartment. How can I get back in?

The password for your original Starter Apartment is always your character name and cannot be changed. Make sure you are at the correct Apartment Lift by checking your apartments via the CityCom or Website.

To view ownership information for a character in game, access the Info -> Runner -> Ownership section of the CityCom system. Alternatively while logged into the website you can check apartment ownership via NeoLog.

I have forgotten the password to an additional Apartment I purchased. How can I get back in?

If you have purchased additional apartments, you can view the password via the apartment key. Apartment keys are very valuable and the only way to view/change your password. You should always store additional apartment keys in your Starter Apartment.

If you cannot find the apartment key, you can also view your Apartment passwords in NeoLog by logging into the Neocron Website. Alternatively you contact the Help Desk from the e-mail address registered to your account. Help Desk will then be able to advise you of the password after identifying you as the account owner.

I am trying to place a trophy/medal/picture on the wall of my apartment but I cannot place it high enough. Can I place these objects higher?

Wall mounted objects can only be placed above a flat horizontal surface and will always be placed a fixed distance from that surface. Consider what you would do in real life to place something higher than your reach? Usually you'd use a ladder but in Neocron the next best thing is a rotten box or pile of tyres.

Place one of these objects near the wall first, you can then stand on that to place the wall mounted object higher on the wall. Once placed you can remove your make shift ladder.

I am trying to remove an object I previously placed in my apartment but regardless of where I click, I do not pick the item up. Is this item permenant?

No but removing some items is trickier than others. When removing furniture items with the Object Removal Tool, the target item will "jump" when you move over it. Sometimes to target the object correctly, so that it "jumps" at you, you need to aim below the actual visible object. Try using 3rd Person perspective if you struggle to see the "jump" effect in 1st Person.


My character is stuck in the game world, how can I get out/free?

To get unstuck in any zone, type the command /set reset_position 1 into the chat window. Once you've done this your character will remain stationary for 120 seconds, you will then be teleported to the reset point of the zone allowing you to continue on your way.

I'm not stuck but I cannot find my way out of a Dungeon, how do I get out?

Generally Dungeons only have a single entrance and exit, to find your way out re-trace your steps back to where you entered the zone.

I cannot find [insert destination], how can I find my way around?

Neocron has a built in navigation system called NavRay. To access in game navigation press F9 to load your RPOS' NavRay window. You should then be able to find your destination from the many options available. If you are totally lost in the game world set navigation to your nearest Gene Replicator, from this you can return to a sector you are familiar with.

Non-Player Characters

I am trying to talk to an NPC but they repeatedly tell me to go away or that they are busy, why?

Assuming the NPC is not currently involved in another action, such as combat or dialogue with another player, it could be the NPC has become 'stuck'. This can happen from time to time and requires intervention from support to remedy. You can report this issue to support via the In Game Support route.

I am trying to finish a mission, I have returned to the NPC who gave me the mission but cannot proceed, why?

This usually means you have not entirely fulfilled the objectives of your mission. Talking to the NPC again will usually give you a hint with what you should have done or if you should be talking to someone else. If that is not the case, carefully read your RPOS' mission log (F8) for all the details.

I cannot find a specific NPC, can you tell me where they are?

No, it is only fair that support do not provide this kind of advice. Instead, if you are in doubt about the location of an NPC, you should ask for advice from your fellow players in game. The HELP channel is an important resource for such queries. Alternatively you could also ask on the Neocron Forum.


Can I play Neocron Community Edition in the 3rd Person perspective?

Yes! The default key combination to access 3rd Person (and change back to 1st Person) is ALT+E.

Can I view my current FPS (frames per second) and Ping while in game?

Yes! The default key combination to view this information (and disable it) is ALT+F.

I have started the game but the input fields are missing from the main menu, how can I fix this?

Exit the game and press the Configuration button on the Neocron Launcher. On the new dialogue window select the highest possible settings and restart the game. This should solve your issue, you can then logout and repeat this process and turn the settings back down if performance is affected.

My PC is more than capable of running Neocron Community Edition, yet I have very low FPS in game. What is causing this?

Damage logging is a feature that allows players to analyse damage taken and configure their characters with the best possible skill setup. On some systems damage logging can have a negative impact on general performance and should be turned off. To turn this feature off open /path/to/neocron/neocron.ini and add ENABLELOGS=FALSE to the end of the file. If your problem persists check out this troubleshooting thread.

I changed zones in game but was returned to the Main Menu with the message "Bad World Data", I can no longer log in to this character. What has happened?

Don't panic! Your character is safe. Bad World Data is an issue brought about by the much more powerful hardware Neocron Community Edition runs on. Automated systems ensure your character is made available again within a few minutes. Go grab a drink, by the time you are back you should be able to login to your character again. The root cause of this issue will be fixed in a future patch, removing the need for this procedure.

When I try to login to any character on my account the game crashes. I do not have this problem on other computers or client installations. What is wrong?

This occurs when you have a corrupt models.tmp file in your client. To remedy this issue you must force Neocron to rebuild the file. Locate the system.ini file at path/to/neocron/ini/system.ini and change the value of Precache from 0 to 1. Changing this setting will force the client to rebuild the corrupt file and fix the issue next time you start the game.


What is an Authorisation Key, as displayed in the My Account menu?

These keys are for use in applications developed around the Public Neocron API. Using these keys allows community created applications to access relevant data about your characters, without exposing your account name or password.

Last Updated: 08.04.2023