So you'd like to join us in Neocron? This guide should give you all you need to join the Neocron Community and start exploring it's exciting, gritty cyberpunk world.

Neocron Game Client

Downloading & Installing

The latest Neocron Game Client is configured for a smooth installation on all modern Windows Operating Systems. Simply download* the installation executable, double click to start and follow the on screen instructions. For the best comparability it is recommended you utilise the default installation settings.

A download mirror is also available from Official Fan site the Tech Haven Network.


Patching is a relatively simple process. There are two approaches to patching your Neocron Game Client, you can do it automatically or manually.

To automatically update your client, start NeocronLauncher.exe with the shortcut on your desktop (if you created one, if not start it from the directory you installed the game). Once the launcher window loads you will be greeted by the latest Neocron news along with some options. To kick off the patch process click "Play Neocron 2", the top left most button on the launcher window. This will scan your Neocron client and retrieve any missing patches from our FTP server, once downloaded the launcher will apply the updates to your client.

If you choose to manually patch your client you will need to get the patch files from a download mirror (the Tech Haven Network provides these). Once you have downloaded the patches* you need to place them into the /patches/ directory in your Neocron Game Client folder. Please note you may need to create this folder! With all the patch files safely in the correct location, start up NeocronLauncher.exe and choose "Play Neocron 2" and the updates will be applied as above.

While every effort has been made to ensure a smooth installation and patching process, we appreciate not every PC is the same. If you run into any problems during installation, start a thread on the Official Neocron Forum and the experts in our community will be able to help you.


You now have a successfully installed and fully patched Neocron Game Client so it's time for the best part, playing the game!

To start playing fire up the Neocron Launcher as above, when viewing this window you might want to explore some of the other options available. Clicking "Configuration..." gives you access to your hardware setup, such as selecting a graphics device, graphics driver, sound device and your resolution. You will also see a "File Check.." button, clicking this will scan your installation and ensure all files are as they should be. All of these options are great for trouble shooting if you encounter any issues while running your Neocron Game Client.

That's all there is to it, you now have the latest Neocron 2 Game Client installed and can finally click "Play Neocron 2" for real! However... not so fast, if you don't already have one, you still need a Neocron Game Account!

Neocron Game Account

Creating an Account

Now you have a fully patched client, you need to create an account. Getting a completely free Neocron Game Account is a simple and easy process. Using the Account Registration Form you can request a Neocron Game Account totally free!

Follow the on screen instructions, add your personal details then verify your account via e-mail (you'll need a permanent e-mail address!). Within minutes you will be e-mailed your account confirmation e-mail (keep this!) and have all the details you need to login! Have fun!

Resetting Your Password

If you've simply forgotten your Neocron Game Account password, it is possible to retrieve it through the Neocron Launcher. Clicking "My Account" in the left hand menu will present a form to change your password, beneath this is a link labelled "Reset Account Password" clicking this will direct you to an additional form.

Here you will need your Neocron Game Account user name, adding it to the box and clicking submit will send an e-mail to the address tied to your Neocron Game Account with a password reset token inside. The launcher will then present a form requiring your one time code, entering this code and clicking submit will send another e-mail containing a temporary password. This password allow you to login to the launcher as well as the game, however once you have your temporary password it is advised you change your password immediately.

Changing a Password

It's time for a change or you've just recovered a temporary password. You can manage your Neocron Game Account by logging into the Neocron Website. Once logged in you can choose to change your password from the bottom right menu.

Follow the on screen instructions by entering your current password, new desired password and click the Change Password button. You can now use your new password to log into the Neocron Website and Game.

* The Neocron Support Team nor the rights holders of Neocron can accept any responsibility for loss or damage caused by the installation or downloading of malicious files. Always run a virus and malware scan of any files you download from the internet.

Last Updated: 14th February 2014