Update: NE 2.3.243 - Milky Ren

Created on 27.02.2018 18:57:23 by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Droner Power Armour (PE & Spy) : restrictions and requirements fixed;

Update: NE 2.3.242 - Milky Ren

Created on 09.03.2018 20:40:49 by NST

Gameworld & Content


  • Added missing item descriptions for new Wisdom of Ceres items (Hand of Crahn; Warbots Bane);
  • Added missing mission text (F8) for the new Wisdom of Ceres missions (Hand of Crahn; Warbots Bane);
  • English Geordi script updated (Newbie MC5);
  • Added a German script for Geordi (Newbie MC5);
  • Ezra, Tasha, Lorcan and Wesley (German) scripts updated (Newbie MC5);
  • You can no longer buy "Test Ammo" from certain traders;
  • Crahn Epic - Fixed an incorrect node in mission 3: Mark Cole had sent people to the wrong sector to find Maxime (Viarosso Sec 3 instead of 2);
  • Tsunami Epic - Updated mission 5: If you've lost the Valadium or the X-OR chip the NPC can now help you directly;
  • NExT Epic - Updated mission 6;
  • NExT Epic - The "Malfunctioning WarBot" has left E07 and moved to a nearby sector;
  • Added new Power Armours to the game for Droner (PE & Spy);
  • Twilight Guardian trade skill quick job missions no longer send the player in Plaza Sector 2;
  • A sound bug was fixed in Regent Laboratories;
  • Agent Jones in Viarosso Sector 3, now has the correct model;
  • Jones' item descriptions updated;


  • Job Center sector re-worked;
  • You can now accept new low level missions on the second floor of the Job Center, these missions allow new runners to continue a mission driven leveling path after completing their assignments from Mr. ([I]& Mrs.![/I]) Jones;
  • Outzone Sec 2 spawns altered for the new Job Center missions;


  • Tech Haven Sectors 1, 2 & 3 have been reworked; 
  • New stores, NPCs, Guards and decorations have been added across Tech Haven;
  • Tech Haven Sector 1 has a greater presence of Fallen Angels security turrets, which will attack enemies on sight;
  • Tech Haven Sectors 2 & 3 are now guarded by new Tech Haven Sentinels. These 'bots will attack runners with drawn weapons. To help runners, Fallen Angels technicians have equipped the new guard 'bots with voice modulators recycled from now retired Reprogrammed CopBots;
  • New Fallen Angel characters now start their lives in Tech Haven;
  • Mrs. Jones has found her way to Tech Haven, helping new runners with profession based missions unique to Tech Haven; 
  • In honour of Thomas Cooper (FA Founder/Leader) the Tech Haven administration have granted access to a new apartment, the "Thomas Cooper Lab"- apartment. It's limited to FA runners only!
  • You can now buy apartments with fixed locations in Tech Haven;
  • Several NPCs (Mrs. Jones' missions) were added to the world in all Tech Haven sectors;
  • Fixed/adjusted ambient sounds in Tech Haven;
  • Fixed/adjusted sound volume in Tech Haven;
  • Removed the Neocron 2 era 'lift music' from Tech Haven, it now has traditional atmospheric music;
  • Added a new Hacknet Dungeon for low level characters;


  • Added overhauled hack tool texture (1st person view);
  • Added new textures for NPCs;
  • Added new decals;
  • Added new actors;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Improved client stability;
  • Re-worked the code-base for starter gear and skills (increased the columns for items from 8 to 16);
  • Implemented Jones for Fallen Angels;
  • Neocron Evolution login screen re-activated;
  • Neocron Evolution music re-activated;
  • Hint of the day re-activated;

Update R241

Created on 15.01.2018 21:25:46 by NST

Bug Fixes

  • Existing anti-cheat protection for belts fixed & reworked
  • Stutter bug when syncing or entering a sector should be fixed now

Update R237-240

Created on 06.01.2018 19:30:17 by NST

Client / Server Updates / Preparation

  • Some preparations for a new gamemode were made - We'll share more information about this when the time is right
  • Bugfixes applied that fixes some random crashes
  • Some exploits were fixed
  • New GM interal features were added

The patch contains more internally stuff, code refactorings and some preparations needed for future updates.

Softupdate R236.1

Created on 14.09.2017 15:47:00 by NST


  • High Priest Persec drops now the correct mission item

Update R234-236

Created on 10.09.2017 21:21:06 by NST

Patch notes for pattches 234 to 236 - 15th Anniversary Patch 2017


  • New PSI WoC mission introduced. This includes a new PSI WoC item.
  • New melee WoC mission introduced. This includes a new melee WoC item.
  • Mission to enable/introduce charter transfers introduced. This mission is mandatory to make transfers available. More details in the transfer website thread.
  • Naming, item description and typos fixed for Ion Crossbow pistol blueprint and Ion Crossbow rifle
  • Fixed typos in all FSM scripts
  • Added VHC ammo trader to DRT
  • Fixed decal at DRT.
  • Increased the SL gain for the Jailhouse Charity missions once again.

Client updates

  • Added 15th Anniversary login screen.
  • The hint of the day has been temporarily disabled.

Update R233

Created on 05.09.2017 15:21:40 by NST


  • a new server feature was implemented that allows us to set a specific gameserver to "AlwaysOn". The server was shutting down after 60s when the last player left the sector to save resources. With "AlwaysOn" we avoid the shutdown so NPCs, vehicles etc are not getting "frozen" until a player joins the sector again.

Update R232

Created on 05.09.2017 15:20:31 by NST


  • the new loading system hasn't worked well on some machines so we have decided to roll it back to the previous version until this problem is sorted

This rollback addresses the fast-sync-feature only, not (!) character or apartment data.

Update R231

Created on 05.09.2017 15:18:23 by NST


  • Particle effects performance improved a bit
  • Loading performance on client start improved
  • Sector load and unload logic improved (Synclaming patch confirmed!)


  • FX-System caching logic altered - crashs on syncs eliminated caused by the previous version