NCE 2.5.429 - Redflash

Created on 6/15/2023 4:27:22 AM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed incorrect grammar/spelling (Clan menu);
  • Advanced Navigation System v2.03 is now stackable;
  • Fixed wrong placed Decal at Outzone Subway Station;
  • Fixed broken Sync-line (PP3 Sewer);
  • Updated name of 'Swamp Slimeworm' to 'Swamp Slimeworm Jelly' to better indicate that it can drop the jelly carcass for the trophy;
  • Reduced the starting rank requirement for C08 & J05 Pathfinders from the erroneous /42 to /40;


  • Increased the Dex bonus of PE Silver WoC 1 PAs from 5 to 6;
  • Increased frequency of PSI lances by ~15%;
  • Decreased damage of fire lances by ~10%;
  • Decreased damage of poison lances by ~14%;
  • Decreased damage of frost lances by ~8%;
  • Decreased damage of energy lances by ~8%;
  • Decreased PSI cost of PSI Lances by 20%;

Server & Client Updates

  • Added working set size to process information (ALT-F);
  • Increased the size of the temporary effect buffer for syncing
    • You're not losing buffs while you sync;
  • Fixed a bug where the self-cast bonus was lost while syncing;


  • Added new icons (RPOS Nanite Buff-Symbols);