NCE 2.5.846- Redflash

Created on 11/26/2023 1:48:56 PM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Pathfinder Missions:
    • Completed implementation of the final 2 Pathfinder missions (K15 & I16);
    • Various corrections & rewordings across all Pathfinder missions to make objectives clearer;
    • C08 - Changed kill requirements from Outcast Soldier to any Outcast npc, and increased kill count required;
    • J05 - Reduced Dead Drop respawn timer;
    • F04 - Changed kill requirements to any Swamp Hippos & any Swamp Plants families, and increased kill count required;
    • F04 - Increased value of junk dropped by Big Swamprider & Swamp Shamans;
  • Maps
    • Fixed El Farid level 2 so that the Scorpion Queen no longer gets stuck in the wall;
    • J 11 - Removed DoY Guard from roadside;
    • K 15 - The Pathfinders have moved into the area;
    • K 16 - Moved spawn points further away from cliff faces;
    • I 06 - Tweaked spawn points around the Mutant Dead Drops;
    • I 16 - The Pathfinders have moved into the area;
    • I 16 - Fixed ASG placement so vehicles should not spawn inaccessible;
  • Tech Part drop rate
    • Increased mid-level Tech Part farm viability;
      • Added Tech Parts back to Big Swamprider & Swamp Shamans (Swamp Farm);
      • Doubled Tech Part drop rate of Sandcrawlers found across NE Deserts (Desert Farm);
    • Increase high-level Tech Part farm diversity;
      • Removed chance for 3 simultaneous Tech Part drops from a Grim Chaser;
      • Tripled Tech Part drop rate of Y. Replicant Cyborgs found in NE Canyons (I16, etc);
      • Tripled Tech Part drop rate of Area MC5 Security System Bots;
      • Fixed Y. Trooper Replicant NPC-Flag so that they now require hacking to loot;
  • Misc
    • Fixed spelling of Drakkhan Hacknet "doors";
  • Events
    • Added new "Omega" Event Bosses;
    • Fixed rank of "Omega" Event Bosses;
  • Christmas
    • Christmas has arrived in Neocron!
    • Added new Christmas Gift decorations that can be obtained in exchange for Snowflakes [Thanks to Community Member Hogg for creating!];
    • Fixed issue with Christmas Master Hunter Trophy (GitHub #55);


  • Decreased quality % of MC5 weapon rewards in order to promote progressing to new weapons earlier;
  • Rebalanced difficultly of "Omega" Event Bosses;
  • Rebalanced difficultly of Christmas Seasonal Dungeons (Bad Santas Hideout & both Winter Wonderlands);



  • Fixed an issue with the 1x2 Tech Haven Cupboard model;
  • Added new Tool Icons;
  • Added new Power Armour Icons (also: GitHub #48);
  • Re-created El Farid Map;