NCE 2.5.452 - Redflash

Created on 8/23/2023 4:42:32 PM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Added short names to several Melee mods to indicate their bonuses (GH Issue #34);
  • Added short name to Titanium Vest (GH Issue #34);
  • Added short name to NCPD Epic PA (GH Issue #34);
  • Fixed incorrect Warbot remains dropping from certain Warbot Titans (GH Issue #2);


  • Improved PE QoL by taking 1 DEX away from the WoC PAs and adding it to the DEX based backbone implants.;
    • This makes more blessed builds work without a relog and increased viability of PE before they get WoC;
  • Improved the resist point strength of STR based resists by 5% & CON based resists by 7%;
    • The more resist points your build has the greater the impact will be. Builds with multiple resist implants, and particularly classes with higher CON will benefit more;

Server & Client Updates

  • Removed low memory warning;
  • Enable some more Latin1 letters (GH Issue #39);


  • Fixed the icon for Picture Pepper Park 'orange' - Glassfashion Edition (GH Issue #4);
  • Fixed Pumpkin model;