Update T#203

Created on 09.03.2018 19:10:53

Gameplay Updates

  • Legacy code for Skill Influence for weapon damage has been replaced. 

Know issues

  • Some alphas are not working anymore (e.g. tree in the wastelands) they apear just black - We're on it
  • Some weapons don't do any damage at all as other legacy code effects these. We need your help to track down all weapons which currently do not cause damage.
  • Damage indicators (numbers above enemy heads) do not always display.

Update T#202

Created on 09.03.2018 19:07:46 by NST

Small patch with a couple of fixes. Main one is to enable the new test-only drug to make testing a bit easier.

+ Added TL labels to all tools without

+ Added "R" notation to all remote tools

+ Added PE and SPY notation to Jones Stealth Tools

+ Added I, II, III notations to Stealth Activators

+ Added Vedeena-only drug "Master of Poking". Gives temporary +115 implant skill and is available from the Tyler's Biochem Drugs vendor.

~ Fixed transparency for willows and reeds (first fixes for "broken alphas")

~ Overhauled doorbell textures

- Removed Yakarma and "FragZone" VOX adverts

Update T#200-201

Created on 09.03.2018 19:05:56 by NST


Drug Rework:

Majority of negative drug effects removed - New values are more in line with current Titan values, though with slightly higher mainskill effects and reduced and/or simplified sub-skill effects.

Eg. Redflash

Current Titan values: DEX:+2.16 T‑C:+17.33 AGL:+21.66

Previous Veneena values: DEX:+5 AGL:+20 HLT:-15

New Vedeena values: DEX:+3 AGL:+20

Update T# 199 - Improvements

Created on 02.05.2015 18:57:48

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Netcode - NPC information transmission improved
  • Additional information for GMs on NPCs and Players

Gameplay Updates

  • NPC / Player health indicators are now showing up the remaining healthpool in percent

Update T# 198 - Bug fixes

Created on 01.05.2015 22:13:14

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • NPC spawn shouldn't lead to random desyncs anymore
  • Clan Pointers fixed - Runners without a clan shouldn't see each other via pointers

Additional Notes

  • Titan's softpatches for NPCs and / or weapons are NOT shipped to Vedeena yet
  • To join the PTS you have to reinstall the PTS by simply do make a copy of the current retail client R# 197

UPDATE - T#195 - Crash fixes

Created on 17.11.2014 22:57:26 by Zoltan

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • A bug was fixed which leads to a crash while you create a new character
  • A bug was fixed which leads to a crash while you cast a psi module
  • The category "Feedback" should now working correctly on all languages

Thank you for testing! This solved 2 critical bugs! <3

UPDATE - T #192 + T# 194 - EXPERIMENTAL!

Created on 17.11.2014 20:14:06 by Zoltan

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • We'd upgraded the source code of Neocron to make use of a newer runtime version. This is highly experimental and needs further testing. You can download the new runtime by following THIS link.
  • A bug which leads to a sudden death after 'syncing' should been fixed
  • A bug with sanctum spells which 'overcasts' better psi manipulations should been fixed
  • A new option has been added to the Hardware Configuration window, players can now toggle dynamic lightning on Non-Player-Characters
  • Some new features has been added to the mission system which are not visilble for you yet but I enables us to create more and better missions
  • A new category "FEEDBACK" was added in the bugtracker - Known bug: In german clients there is a wrong caption

Visual Assets

  • New splash screens were added: NST, REAKKTOR and PEGASUS. Last one is the codename of the Neocron Client, our Framework, the Backend and all developments since we have taken over
  • A new version of the Non-Player-Character dialog

UPDATE - T#196 - Release Candidate Five

Created on 22.06.2014 16:59:53

Balancing related changes:

  • APU spells: psi use is now proportional to the damage per shot of a spell (this will probably still need very heavy fine tuning), except for the anti spells whose frequency is too low for this approach to work
  • Barrels damage output is now approximately equal to the damage output of other AoE weapons
  • Single target heals now do 50% less heal per tick
  • Sanctum and group heals should do ~ half the healing per tick than in 195
  • Overall player hitpoints have been lowered by 1/3 to compensate for the lower PvP damage
  • Casting time of the "Holy Unprotector" has been changed to 4 seconds
  • Casting time of the "Anti Protector/Absorber/Deflector/Heal" spells have been changed to:
    • 3.5 seconds in case of the normal version
    • 3 seconds in case of the blessed version
    • 2 seconds in case of the holy version
  • APU aiming correction has been changed, details see below

Technical changes:

  • High frequency spells should now work as intended
  • Calculation of the effective frequency for weapons in the item information window should be fixed

APU aiming correction: previously, the apu did by default 65% of his intended damage if "his aim was closed less than 65%" if it was closed further he did more damage, up to 100% if it was fully closed. This has been implemented to compensate for the fact that opposed to other weapons the apu's casts would not miss their target. We have changed this as follows: the baseline damage output of the apu is now 90% instead of 65%. Depending on how much his aim is closed when starting the cast this will increase to 100% if the apu's aim is fully closed.

UPDATE - T#195 - Release Candidate Four

Created on 11.06.2014 12:39:58

UPDATE - T#195 - Release Candidate Four:
Balancing related changes:

  • Drones have been balanced according to the same rules as for the other weapons, AoE of drones has not yet been taken into account
  • Drones damage output is 10% less than heavy combat weapons (which are at the moment the reference and therefore set to 100%)
  • The test NPCs have been dromified, because the collision model of the elves is broken
  • Frequency of all APU spells has been raised
  • Clip size differences between rares and normal weapons has been removed
  • Unprotector has now been also moved to the APU
  • Duration of psi based heal effects has been halfed (30 seconds instead of 60 seconds)
  • Duration of hacknet heal effects has also been halfed (60 seconds instead of 120 seconds)

Technical changes:

  • A minor bug in the calculation of the casting time for spells has been fixed
  • STORM laser showing the wrong model has been fixed
  • Beam weapons should now work exactly as burst weapons do
  • The burst nature of bursts has been fixed, so instead of a monotonous pew, pew, pew, pew... burst weapons should now do a pew, pew, pew, wait, pew... again

UPDATE - T#194 - Release Candidate Three

Created on 11.06.2014 12:39:27

Balancing related changes:

  • Fall damage should be back to normal, the synchronization between client and server has been fixed
  • Mob versus Player damage has been reduced by 25% or in other words: reverted the change in damage of mobs versus players
  • Melee damage raised by another 2.5% they are now 7.5% stronger than heavy weapons at the same TL
  • Fixed a bug in the damage balancing for shotguns
  • Nanite and psi heals on the same tl should now be en par
  • The frequency of several single target apu spells has been increased, primarily of those which previously had a very low frequency, like e.g. the holy lightning or the fire apocalypse
  • Damageboosts have been fixed. Instead of even the lower damageboosts reaching the damage amplification cap with one cast, they should not be able to do so anymore
  • Frequency of all apu spells has been limited to at most 1 cast per second due limitations in the state machine controlling the different stages of casting
  • The following spells have been moved back to the APU:
    • Anti Deflector
    • Anti Absorber
    • Anti Protector
    • Anti Heal
    • (The Unprotector will be moved with the next patch)
  • Removed the healing effect from the following spells:
    • Anti Contamination
    • Anti Energy
    • Anti Poison
    • Anti Fire
    • Anti X-Ray
    • Catharsis