UPDATE - T#193 - Release Candidate Two

Created on 22.05.2014 09:22:37

Balancing related changes:

  • Damage output of most AoE weapons has been raised again by a factor of 2 compared to T#192, except for barrels
  • Barrels keept their damage output from T#192, because of their special nature compared to other AoE weapons
  • Player versus Mobs damage has been raised by a factor 2
  • Mob versus Mobs damage has been raised by a factor 2
  • Mob versus Player damage has been raised by 25%
  • Nanite tools should be correctly balanced now
  • An additional damage boost of mobs depending on their level has been removed, this is already achieved by the tl dependence of weapons
  • Disruptor burst lowered to 3 instead of 4 shots

UPDATE - T#192 - Release Candidate One

Created on 20.05.2014 14:49:17

Balancing related changes:

  • Weapons now receive an additional damage boost of at most 2.5% depending on their aiming speed
  • Weapons now receive an additional damage boost of at most 2.5% depending on the number of shots in a burst
  • Damage output of most AoE weapons has been lowered by a factor of 4 (see below)
  • Fall damage should be back to normal
  • Overall damage has been lowered a bit
  • Hacknet weapons/shields/heals have been balanced according to the same rules as other weapons/shields/heals
  • Shield strength has been increased a bit compared to T#191
  • Damage boost should be working again

Technical changes:

  • Character stats updates *should* now be enforced right after the synch so the instant death after zoning out of hacknet bug should be fixed
  • The update rate of health and damage related packages has been increased to decrease the number of players dying due to heartattacks while hunting

UPDATE - T#191

Created on 20.05.2014 14:48:52

  • Shields have been rebalanced
  • Heals have been rebalanced
  • Overall damage has been lowered by a factor ~ 2

UPDATE - T#190

Created on 20.05.2014 14:48:32

  • Added actor definitions needed to be able to warp to the new shooting range, placed one entrance to the shooting range at Plaza 1.

UPDATE - T#189

Created on 20.05.2014 14:48:09

  • Aggressive damage over time effects - contamination, fire, x-ray, poison and energy stacks - have been reworked and should now work as intended.
  • Weapons with the same tech level from the same category (pistol, rifle, etc.) should now do the same amount of damage per minute/second, this is now independent of whether they do damage over time or instantly.
  • Due to the heavy refactoring of underlying code the corresponding particle effects now look slightly different.

  • Compared to the damage per minute/second of cannons:
    • Melee weapons do 5% more damage
    • Pistols and Rifles do 10% more damage
    • APU Spells do 15% more damage
  • Support abilities such as PPU heals and shields are still broken.
  • "Reverse LoMs" have been re-enabled on the test server.
  • We have added a "shooting range" which lets you test your damage output on, static, dummy NPCs. These NPCs only have 20% overall resists.
  • The frequency values in the weapon's info window have been also fixed.

UPDATE - T#188

Created on 20.05.2014 14:47:47

  • The damage of different ammo mods has been equalized. The only difference between different ammo types is now that they deal different types of damage.

UPDATE - Hotfix T#187

Created on 20.05.2014 14:47:15 by Alduin

  • There was an issue in the dpm curve which distorted it heavily. This issue has been fixed.
  • A temporary background of the new, still work in progress, NPC dialog has been added.