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Mutant Attack!

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:46 AM by Neocronicle

Neocron Citizens are concerned about recent reports of increased mutant activity, so it's up to the Neocronicle to investigate details and background information. Of course our first official video call connected to the City Administration, only to hear that there is nothing to be confirmed or denied on this matter.

Fortunately we received a citycom message out of Tech Haven soon after – do those scientists just know more than ordinary people? As our reporter Tudor VanDerMeer traveled to the underground fortress of self-declared enlightenment for an interview with Fallen Angels data experts, we are now able to shed some light on the situation. Following is a recent conversation with a member of the FA chaos control center, pictured above.

„Dear citizens of Neocron - and i feel the need to address you this way - we all are in a dangerous situation.

As you all know, the corporations of Neocron city are competing for quite some time now, especially in the high-tech industries. This fierce competition has developed to a point, where you could call this an undeclared corporate war as well. We all heard reports of attempts of blackmail, murdered and missing persons.

But lately this cold corporate war has spread out into the hacknet, and this is where the real danger lurks. A rumour even says it's a fight for control of Cryton's, Neocron's most important high-tech retail chain.The Fallen Angels know of an on-going cyberwar between Tangent Technologies, Biotech, NeXT and Protopharm. Unlike former clashes and single casualties within company ranks, the danger is now spreading out to everyone and everywhere. As general security measures have been weakened in the increasing cyber-attacks, mutants are now enabled to break electronic seals on street latches and outdoor facilities - not unlike the taking over of undefended outposts in the wastelands. This situation is monitored by chaos control center of Tech Haven, but we're lacking the power to defend anyone against future mutant attacks. Be warned, citizens of Neocron!“

Housing and Weapons Crisis In Neocron?

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:46 AM by Tudor van der Meer

Since the recent population surge in Neocron city and the wastelands, numerous new apartments have been given and sold to runners of all factions. Rumour has it that this is a resource that could near it's peak someday, and tip over from abundance to scarceness. The same worries apply to the sector of armaments and consumer supplies for the hard working runner on the streets.

Since those were understandably getting worried about this, the Neocronicle took onto the task of shedding some light on this issue. We managed to get hold of a leading broker of Diamond Real estate, under the condition of anonymity. Our reporter Van Der Meer spoke to him in a corner of a moody local restaurant.


„There have been rumours of a rise of housing costs and apartment prices throughout the city, while less so in the wasteland dwellings of Tech Haven, the Military Base or the Canyon Facility – do you think there is merit to these whisperings?“

Answer: „Well, let me put it this way: The population surge would mean a tremendous business opportunity for the Diamond Real Estate agency – if it weren't for the City Administration, who ... regulates ... any free market options. On the other hand we are in talks with our business partners in the Pepper Park Area, who are more open to free trade and a market-oriented approach.“


„Of course... does this mean a change in Diamonds relations to either the City Administration and the Tsunami Syndicate?“


„You will certainly understand that i'm not in a position to comment on this matter. Only the future can tell which options the leading real estate corporation of Neocron will pursue“.

To also get some input on the rumours about the weapon market, we sent our reporter for a meeting with Mr. Mazzaro, a top manager with Tangent Technologies.


„Mr. Mazzaro, what can you tell us about rumours of weapon prices rising due to exploding demand?“


„I must ask you not to waste my time with nonsense like that. Todays High End-user weapons are mostly custom manufactured by specialists, based on OUR designs mostly i'd like to add. Development of new weapons models on the other hand is severely hindered by our enemies and competitors, mainly in the ranks of Biotech and the Fallen Angels. We must insist on better security, as to be provided by the City Administration. If the situation is not improving soon, we need to strengthen our ties to both the City Mercs, with both firepower to back us up and their expertise in ballistics. We even consider collaborating with Protopharm who could become a partner in armour technology in the coming years. That's everything for the moment, Mr. Van Der Meer, I got more pressing businesses waiting. A productive day to you!“

While neither interview gave us a clear picture of coming market development in housing and weaponry, we instead received the impression of severe tensions behind the corporate storefronts.

City Admin: Blue Is The Colour Of Safety

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:46 AM by Neocronicle

Neocron City will be safer. That is the claim made via an official City Administration communique, with CopBots all over the city having received new, highly efficient weaponry. Due to recent progress in weapons and defensive technology, the line of CopBot rifles used for years has recently proven to be inadequate. To ensure the safety of Neocron citizens, City Administration responsibly issued a development request to Tangent Technologies. The new, enhanced line of CopBot rifles was originally planned to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

However due to an incident in Plaza Sector 1, where a thoroughly sought-after wrong-doer with a long list of cases of misconduct, appeared and started harassing people and disturbing the public order. City Administration immediately issued an order to the NCPD to bring the new weaponry into patrol duty ahead of schedule. The new rifles are easily recognised by their distinctive police-blue warning lights.

We have also received the following statement from NCPD officer-in-charge Mauritio DiFranco: "Criminals of the City, the Outzone and the Wastelands be warned! The NCPD will no longer condone impudent behaviour of known criminals. CopBots have been advised to shoot on sight, and use deadly force where necessary. The new Tangent Tech weapons are made to stun, and made to kill.“

We all need to be thankful for the efforts made by both City Admin and the NCPD to keep our streets safe and free of crime. The millions of credits used for the development of new CopBots rifles are well spent. You can be sure the Neocronicle will keep you informed how well the stun effect and upgraded plasma power fares in the fight against crime in our city.

Deadly Tensions in the Wastelands

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:47 AM by Neocronicle

Is there a new kind of conflicts growing in the wastelands? The Neocronicle has received hints from sources familiar to that matter, our Reporter Tudor Vandermeer went on investigating this.

An informant with connections to Neocrons underworld made these pictures available to us and sent in an eyewitness report. Here it is:

"As we speak, Gravis Uplink is administrated by the Mutant Faction. I was out there in the swamps to... to do my business, when i noticed fighting noises from near the Vandal settlement at the old ruins near the outpost. Approaching i saw Anarchy Breed Vandals fighting an Experimental Launcher Cyclops and a few Mutant Agressors. I did my best to stay unnoticed – you don't want to get into trouble with neither of the groups involved in the fight. I just fear that my... business will be damaged if those wasteland areas become a battleground for warring factions."

This kind of aggression between Mutants and Vandals were unheard of until now. Is this incident connected to the recent defeat of the Anarchy Breed? Are there tensions rising between wasteland groups? Be assured we will investigate further.

City Admin: Making Neocron safer for everyone

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:47 AM by Neocronicle

After the glorious victory of City Admin Troops and brave runners of various factions over the monster-aided insurgency of the Anarchy Breed at Krupp Village and the following retreat of Punks and Anarchists into the Realms of Cron 55, the City Admin is staying alert.

The Neocronicle is happy to report that there is still an NCPD presence at the gates of our lower districts: right at the entrance of the Industrial Areas from the Pepper Park district, the City Police Force deployed a full-armored STORM bot. Traveling from the city sectors to the former suburbs is watched over carefully.

In a short Neocronicle interview NCPD officer Apostopoulos McKinney told us about the firm will of our authorities to keep violence to a minimum and safety for our citizens a main goal. „Better safe than sorry“, he added smiling, „The additional security measures will be in place as long as our intelligence directors see them to be necessary“.

Citizens are thoroughly asked to inform the administration of all suspicious events or leads. Stay tuned for more Neocronicle News.

Cron55 for president? Not this time!

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:47 AM by Tudor van der Meer

We have received word of a runner reporting strange activities in zones A11 and B11 to the south of McPherson factory. This warning came by email, saying:

"Foo, therez moar horrorz in coast area souf of mkferson, look out!"

Since the sender of this email was unconfirmed, we asked for info at the City Admin Headquarters, only to be told that the situation is classified and best left to the authorities. "Runners are warned not to interfere. This matter is being handled by the City Admin", said the officer-in-charge, who asked not to be named for security reasons. Naturally, City Admin undoubtedly have full control over the situation.

We also deployed wasteland-savvy Neocronicle Reporter Raziel Kane to the area for an in-depth investigation. As Raziel was reporting live from the McPherson factory facilities, he met runners heading north from the beach area to re-supply at the Yo's pawn shops at McPherson Factory. Nobody seemed to have encountered any threats, so our reporter moved south carefully. At an ancient building near the seaside he found a couple of empty Cron 55 crates and a data disk. The message on the disk played as follows:

"Anarchy Breed Radio: Fuck you, slaves of Reza! The Anarchy Breed have decided to end all activities! Go and get freedom yourself! We're having loads of crates of Cron 55 to celebrate the chaos we caused. Cron 55 for president! Yeah! Fuck it!“

We can only conclude that the Anarchy Breed has given up all terrorist activities and returned to consuming alcohol. We will of course keep an eye on the situation, but right now it appears that the Anarchy Breed are no longer a threat. While it's unlikely that 'Cron 55' will be made president of Neocron any time soon, he may just have saved us ... this time.

As for the recent events, it looks like the immediate threat is over, but for how long? The Anarchy Breed are back, and we can only hope for a never-ending supply of Cron 55 to be sent to their filthy wasteland settlements. So stay vigilant and have a productive day, citizens!

Tudor van der Meer


Terrorists defeated!

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:47 AM by Tudor van der Meer

Last night’s fight for safety of our suburbs was a big success! Read what the authorities have to say:

“The City Administration proudly announces peace for our time! The threat has been removed from the outskirts of Neocron. The Anarchy Breed has been defeated. Threat level has moved to green (one)… no, wait, it's blue (two). You never know.”

We should be thankful for both the quick deployment of STORM-Bots to the infested areas, and for the support given by the Neocron runners to get rid of the wasteland plague within our city walls. Here is hoping the threat is over and we all can return to work, having a happy and productive day!

In fact this was no small victory. The source of evil was located in an industrial storage sector. An improvised army of Neocron runners, accompanied by a CopBot, and two Neocronicle Reporters had to fight down a storage hall filled with Anarchy Breed punks, chaos critters, giant mutated dragonflies and then finally reaching the epicentre of the disturbance. This last room, was filled to the brim with chaos mobs, with not less than two Decayed Horrors towering over the scene! After a prolonged and bloody fight, it appeared that they were breeding eggs in the storage. The city fighters destroyed all visible eggs, only to be attacked from behind by Anarchy Harassers, who must have followed us down there unseen.

Finally the fight was won, the floor and walls wet with blood, but the city is safe once again. It is still unknown how the Anarchy Breed were able to bring the eggs and Decayed Horrors deep into the storage sector, but the City Admin will be investigating this in detail.

Tudor van der Meer


Decayed Horrors guarding an egg:

Industrial Area a source of chaos?

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:47 AM by Tudor van der Meer

The recent days have been painted in blood. Only thanks to the fearless fighters of Neocron we eliminated the infestation of chaos critters in the former suburbs of our proud city. In the meantime we have received scientific information that we want to share immediately with our readers:

"Biotech Systems has analysed traces and organic material from the new beasts in the industrial area, we found Arachnid DNA and heavy metals, thus we conclude the source of the infestation must be somewhere in a spider infested place within the industrial area."

We have received reports of increased vermin activity in Industrial Area 2. The City Admin has deployed troops to the area, and they have stated that any support is welcomed.

Tudo van der Meer


Anarchy Breed on the rise?

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:48 AM by Tudor van der Meer

Today, we received a datacube with a message at our office that was anonymously delivered to us via a cash-courier.

The original wording of the message reads as follows:

"Anarchy Breed Radio: Fuck you, slaves of the System! The Anarchy Breed has decided to end the order of the City Admin! Your city will be trampled by wasteland predators, and your rule will come to an end! Flee in horror, while you can!"

Unfortunately the courier could not, or would not, divulge any more specific information on the origin of the delivery other than 'this guy on the street down in Plaza...'

Even if we don't have any proof of the validity of any claims made therein, we decided to publish this and also immediately informed the City Administration.

Of course the authorities have a word to say on that:

"The City Administration declares all Anarchy Breed statements to be baseless. These are attempts of terrorizing the peaceful citizens of Neocron. In fact there is no danger within or around the city limits. Travelers to the wastelands are advised to take special precautions."

Stay tuned for more news on the Anarchy Breed and their sinister plans.

Tudor van der Meer


Neocronicle News

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:48 AM by Barry Pepper

Dear readers,

The turbulent and difficult times are behind us after the murder of President Jack Red. The Neocronicle has also had to struggle with the impact and the consequences of this terrible crime.

The news embargo ordered by City Administration immediately after the assassination is, of course, reasonable and correct. After all, they had to make sure that the enemy is not able to abuse our press coverage as a source of information. In the course of this news embargo, our publishing license for all channels, except the personal and direct data discs in the editorial office, had been revoked.

I would like to thank all our readers who remained loyal to us in spite of these adverse conditions and who have visited us in our editorial office in order to receive the news data discs.

I am pleased to announce that with immediate effect we regained all our licenses and, as of now, we can once again fulfil our task: Bringing everything important from the city and the wastelands to your screen directly and uncensored!

Furthermore, we have recruited two highly ambitioned new reporters to our editorial team.

Raziel Kane and Tudor van der Meer are already out looking for your story on the streets of Neocron and the wastelands on behalf of the Neocronicle.

Expect their first reports soon, and follow their personal newstickers:

Barry Pepper

Editor in Chief