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Foul Play Leads to Rotten Eggs

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:54 AM by Jake Davies

In an unexpected turn of events, Easter once again came to the streets of Neocron. Despite the length of time the faded and derelict eggs of last year remained in our streets, our suspicions surrounding the return of Easter were rendered moot over the weekend. As we previously reported, those remaining eggs have slowly vanished in recent weeks and now we know why - The Bunny Man came back.

According to our reports, in the dead of night on Saturday the ‘Bunny Man’ once again travelled the Wastelands placing his decorated eggs full of treats. 

Our sources in the NCPD report that during the night security cameras across the Inner City went offline for a couple of minutes, upon returning Eggs were seen scattered across these sectors. Even in sectors patrolled by numerous CopBot’s there are no witnesses to these mysterious events. No one claims to have seen this illusive benefactor, or know where he stores these large egg shaped containers.

On Sunday Runners scoured the streets looking for valuable items contained within the numerous eggs around the city; some were delighted with what they received. However for some a much darker surprise awaited them. We have had numerous reports of people approaching the Eggs for them to suddenly burst open, revealing snakes, scorpions and even Mutant Scouts curled up inside.

Needless to say there were casualties and in some cases GeneReplicator backups of some Runners were required. Whether this was the intention of the Bunny Man or not, this certainly adds another layer of the unknown to this whole scenario.

The NCPD have launched a full investigation of the occurrences over the Easter weekend and ask for any Runners affected by the random attacks (dubbed ‘Rotten Eggs’ by some citizens) to contact their Faction Assistant or come forward below. The Neocronicle will do all it is able to ensure your insights reach the correct authorities.

Another bizarre and eventful weekend in Neocron. It certainly seems that recently the status quo in the City, has crumbled.

Jake Davies


Tangent Technologies Press Release

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:54 AM by Chris Friedel

This Press Release was just issued by Tangent Technologies Inc.

Tangent Press Release:

"Friends, former enemies.

It is with a broken heart I have to report to you that our Faction Assistant, Bud Judson, has now been missing long enough for me to step in as Faction Assistant.

I am Felica Paco-Katido, former therapist for Tangent Technologies and personal masseuse to Damion Jordan.

My agenda is clear: my mandate absolute. I want to extend the hand of friendship to each of our enemies, in turn. But right now, there are two pressing matters I should respectfully address.

To the Fallen Angels

I would like to recognise the good work you have done in providing research facilities and a safe area in which science can blossom. I admire Tech Haven and the hearty, good work that takes place there. I would like to investigate ways in which we can redirect our research into high power lasers to help expand Tech Haven into the surrounding terrain, so we can join you in a joint journey of science and self-discovery. What say you, friends?

To BioTech

BioTech, BioTech. For too long we have been allies-in-waiting. To this end, I would like to submit to you a petition of peace. I can offer schematics based on the original design for the Healing Light which may one day be helpful in healing both humanity, the divides between us, and our souls. Join me in bringing peace to these lands, brothers.

I call on all our great faction members to spend a moment of introspection, reflecting upon the past, and dreaming of the future.

Let us build a new future together, and let Tangent Technologies enter a new era of understanding, faith, and love for our neighbours.

I am petitioning our board of directors to cancel all weapon development, and looking to cancel our contracts with HEW and Archer & Wesson. I have an appointment with Damion very shortly, where I should be able to pump these changes through.

I am also examining how I can restructure our runner operations to make carrying the Law Enforcer mandatory, as a show of good faith.

Of course this will have repercussions for the Guilds within Tangent, but we shall work hard to find them a new home.

It has been my great privilege to share my vision - my purpose - with you today.

Take care,

Felica Paco-Katido

Acting Tangent Technologies Faction Assistant."

Chris Friedel


Chaos Consumes Calida Village

Created on 9/24/2017 10:56:23 AM by Jake Davies

This just in, the Techhaven Sensor Network has detected a threat in the South East area of the Wastelands.

        ####################LIVE COVERAGE#####################

  • 22:00 The sensors are triangulating the position of the current threat. Phase 3 of 3 complete.
  • 22:05 Threat detected at Calida Village! Runners are warned to avoid this area for their own safety.
  • 22:07 We're receiving images live from the cameras at Crest Uplink to keep you in the loop!
  • 22:10 It appears there is a group of rogue Spider Bots in the area. What on earth has caused this?!
  • 22:12 From our view on the camera kindly provided by the City Administration it appears despite the warning for their safety some Runners have arrived at the scene.
  • 22:16 A quick delve into the CityCom records identifies some of the initial runners as Flibby, Cream Cracker, Biglines, Jet Milow as well as many more. These brave runners are risking their lives to find the source of the issue.
  • 22:18 One of our tech guys has managed to access the cameras from Calida Village itself, the runners are now grouping in the village to fight off waves and waves of Spider Bots.
  • 22:21 Oh no! As our Calida Village feed came online we've spotted HOVEREYES in the skies around the village emerging from the trees!
  • 22:26 The pressure is mounting. Hovereye after Hovereye is cruising above Calida Village. We must remind you that runners are advised to KEEP CLEAR of this area!
  • 22:32 While the carnage continues as now HOVERBOTS have appeared at Calida Village. This pile of mechanised monstrosities keep on coming! The Spider Bots arent giving up either!
  • 22:39 It appears the runners are gaining the upper hand. Still no information from City Administration or the Fallen Angels about the source of this outbreak!
  • 22:48 We've reached out to both City Administration and Fallen Angels both are currently sending only "No Comment" responses. Perhaps Mr Alex Conlaoch isn't quite back in the office as of yet.
  • 22:57 After almost an hour of solid combat the huge metal contraptions are still flooding the zone. We've also witnessed Hoverstations and Hoverbombers in the area. While we watch from our offices in Plaza 2 we are in awe of the brave runners at Calida Village.
  • 23:10 This reporter has gained a huge respect for the runners of all Factions. While we're based in the City we also want to hear the views of those in the Former Dome of York Alliance about the events of recent weeks. PM us here with your stories.
  • 23:12 Ammo seems to be running thin yet the violence wages on.
  • 23:15 All seems quiet in Calida Village. It appears the runners have defeated the immediate threat.
  • 23:20 OH MY! Out of no where COUNTLESS enemies have reenforced their fallen comrades. This might spell the end for the brave runners at Calida Village
  • 23:22 The tide is turning! The runners through astonishing organisation and team work are pushing back.
  • 23:25 The last Hoverbomber is a smoking wreck. It looks like the runners have managed it!
  • 23:26 The Techhaven Sensor Network has whirred back into life carrying out another scan of the sector. All seems safe for now. The dedication of these runners is truly something to be proud of. 
  • 23:27 Confirmed. This reporter has cast a huge sigh of relief, the Techhaven Sensor Network has given the all clear at Calida Village. Well done runners!

        ##################LIVE COVERAGE ENDS###################

We'll have a full analysis of tonight's events in due course, we thank you for choosing the Neocronicle as your source for the latest news and events in Neocron City and across the Wastelands!

Jake Davies


Point Red Catastrophe Averted – Just

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:54 AM by Chris Friedel

Late last week the Point Red Defence mechanism detected a surge in mutants in nearby sector B-06 and sent out an automated request for assistance.

Brave runners arriving at the scene were witness to an outpouring of Ceres Troopers and other mutants, who had banded together and were approaching the facility.

The reason for this is unclear, though the inferior minds mutants possess makes understanding their motives a difficult - if not fruitless - undertaking. It is possible that the mutants were trying to group up with their kind in Point Red Storage to take refuge, or perhaps simply perform a mindless attack on Point Red and anyone unfortunate enough to be there. To be frank, we’ll never know. Better to shoot to kill than reason with these monstrosities, in my humble opinion.

This, once again, raises the question: Where was City Administration? Where were the Copbots? We'll keep asking this until we receive an answer we can believe.

While policing the city is important work and should take priority, it should be fair to expect a degree of protection near one of the city’s public transport facilities in the wastes. This hub is open to all runners – not to mention close to the city gates – and as such demands better protection.

This reporter is thankful, however, that the ancient defence mechanisms of Point Red came to life, especially being so close to Neocron City. Enquiries to City Administration regarding the operational status of other Wasteland defence mechanisms have been swatted aside.

Fortunately in this instance, runners heeded this call for assistance, with Tatsuya Egawa being the first on the scene. Egawa bravely performed diligent reconnaissance of the sector, relaying positional information and intel to the gathering forces. 

Let’s be clear; these mutants pack a punch, but again their lack of intelligence was betrayed by their aiming - it’s a good job that only a fraction of the rockets they fired hit home, and perhaps explains why Point Red Storage is such a dangerous location - explosions and enclosed spaces are a recipe for disaster for the unprepared runner.

Furthermore, while various additional mutants appeared (Hurlers, Aggressors and the like) it is unknown why the Anarchy Breed decided to invade, though it’s entirely possible that they were simply bored. 

While the mutants are dim-witted creations, the Anarchy Breed do indeed have intelligence. Perhaps it’s time to step up and confront this rogue faction, and demand they fall in line.

With recent attacks upon Neocron by various powerful enemies, these are dangerous times indeed. I would advise carrying that extra medkit, and a clip or two of additional ammunition. I certainly wouldn’t travel alone…

And while I’m here, and talking about the need for additional Medical Kits, may I take a moment to mention the latest offerings at Plaza 1 MediCare! Those kits are as effective as ever! Last week, I tripped in my apartment and banged my head on my desk. I was bleeding, a lot. But just seconds after using one, I was relieved of all pain AND bleeding! And at a price that can’t go wrong, you should check out MediCare, Typherra Memorial, Plaza 1 today! 

I keep two in my cabinet, as I think you can’t put a price on your kids’ safety. How about you?

Chris Friedel


Intercepted Message Hints At Tangent Troubles

Created on 9/24/2017 10:57:54 AM by Chris Friedel

We received this encrypted message from a very weak source in the Wastes... If anyone has any information that can help us decipher this, or make sense, please get in touch


"Anarchy.... . .... . . .. trapped.... . ... Felica insane... ... . .. ucking her way to the top.... .. whore... Jordan... Tangent ripped apart... drugged...kill them all.... I need that briefcase.... evidence... damned fucking hippie...."

Intrigue upon intrigue... What on earth is happening now?

If anyone can help with this message, please get in touch below. 

Chris Friedel


Task Force Successfully Clears Out Mauler Over-population

Created on 9/24/2017 10:55:55 AM by Eddie Walker

Over the last few weeks there had been reports of Maulers turning up outside their normal habitat, and moving around in the south east area of the wastelands. Runners had turned up in Plaza 1 and 2 with serious burn injuries and broken bones. One runner, who was treated in medicare described her experience as follows.

"...hordes of maulers popped up out from nowhere attacking us and vanished as they appeared! Absolutely volatile!"

For weeks it seems City Administration did not have any official answers to the problem, and runners had to turn to unofficial sources of information for updates. One unofficial source was from the clan Dark Reign, who had identified the mauler population was spreading rapidly to other areas around Tech Haven and Military Base.

The final straw that broke the Drom’s back was when the missing Fallen Angels Faction Assistant, Alex Conlaoch turned up suddenly at the GeneReplicator in Plaza 1, looking very ragged and injured.

Alex Conlaoch was treated on the spot for his injuries by the excellent medical staff of Medicare in Plaza 1. While he was being treated, he was able to give an account of his story to the gathered crowd and also to Giovanni Mori, who had turned up once he had heard the news that Alex Conlaoch had returned.

Alex Conlaoch gave this brief account to what had happened.

Alex Conlaoch - Faction Assistant, Fallen Angels:

“The scientific research output was destroyed by a pack of maulers that just appeared out of nowhere. Years of research lost. City Admin do not seem capable of keeping the populations under control”

When pressed by runners to what the scientific research was about and where he had been for the last few years, Mr Conlaoch declined to be drawn further on the subject.

Giovanni Mori decided to act on the spot by requesting help from the runners of Neocron to deal with the overpopulation issues. Many volunteers immediately stepped up, to gather a large task force at Outzone Station.

The small task force ventured straight into sector A08, where they was meet with a small pack of Maulers, which was quickly destroyed by the well armed force. The group then moved one sector north to sector B08 to pick up a trail of more Maulers coming from the east in the direction of Sherman Bay and McPherson Factory.

As the task force moved east, the number of Maulers increased considerably and so did the injuries to the runners. However the runners equipped with medical equipment, did a tremendous job in patching up the wounds and burn injuries sustained to the group.

Once the task force reached McPherson factory in B10, a serious problem was emerging. Ammo supplies were running low, weapons and amour was breaking. It was a real fear that the task force would have to pull back, allowing the Maulers to surge back closer to Neocron.

However a little luck was on the side of the task force. The packs of Maulers started coming from the South which gave the task force valuable time to re-supply and repair their equipment at McPherson Factory before following the trail of Maulers south to sector A11.

As the task force approached the beach in A11, it become clear that there was a big problem. More maulers were culled by the runners in greater numbers than previously met in the other sectors, before a great nest of Grim Persecutors was spotted just off the beach in the water.

Straight away the task force unleashed all their firepower at the nest, which almost proved to be deadly. The Grim Persecutors reacted with ferocious fireballs, and massive stampedes to knock the attacking force off their feet. However the medical teams and passive psi users in the task force worked overtime to keep the rest of the group alive, and in some cases, bringing back fallen runners from the dead.

The fight raged on for several hours, before the last Grim Persecutor fell and the only noise that remained was the sound of the waves. Giovanni Mori and Alex Conlaoch declared victory on the spot, and the task force headed back home to Neocron.

Since City Administration was not offering any payment to the runners of the task force, Giovanni Mori opened up Electric Vibes to offer everyone free drinks and “special” entertainment to help them relax, in lieu of any payment by City Administration.

Thanks to the runners of Neocron, the wasteland is once again a safe place to travel in. However there are still some unanswered questions to why the Mauler population got out of control in the first place. Did City Administration’s population control policy fail, or is the Fallen Angels latest scientific research connected to the mauler population increase?

Eddie Walker


Warbots Attack Neocron City Gates

Created on 9/24/2017 10:55:46 AM by Jake Davies

Out of nowhere a sudden and deadly threat presented itself to the population of Neocron. During a routine Sunday evening in the City a stirring from the Wastelands caused runners and faction leaders alike to sit up and take note. Our sources in the NCPD confirm the systems used to monitor the Wastelands suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree. Soon afterwards STORMbots out in the field began submitting reports of a huge force of Juggernaut Warbots slowly marching toward the City.

As well as the Warbot threat, runners at the scene also confirmed the presence of a significant number of heavily armed, mutated Ceres Soldiers. Usually found in old storage rooms out in the Wastelands, these post-humans rarely interact with Runners unless their homes are disturbed. A known location of these mutants is beneath Point Red, a partially inhabited ruin located in sector B_07. When questioned an inhabitant of Point Red (who wishes to remain nameless) said as the Warbots passed close by they were uninterested in the ruined village and its cowering occupants. 

However they did go on to say:


"The massive vibrations caused by all the warbots – there were so many! – disturbed the mutant guys underground, they started coming up topside which I’ve never seen them do before. They seemed really pissed at the warbots and started limping after them and trying to shoot them with their rocket launchers! It’s no wonder no one goes down there, there was shit loads of them!"

Yet despite all this an armed response to protect the City did not come from the City Administration, instead this came from an entirely unusual source -from Tsunami Syndicate’s Faction Assistant, Giovanni Mori. When pressed for answers in the days after attack Mr Mori had only this to say:

Giovanni Mori - Faction Assistant, Tsunami Syndicate:

"After the disaster in the Dome, we all have a vested interest in the survival of Neocron City. While we’re no Fallen Angels we still have some tech to see what’s going on out there. When we realised City Administration and the NCPD were not going to act, I felt it necessary to get out there and bring together Runners of all factions to protect our home. That’s all there is to it."

While without his actions the City could have been overrun, when further questioned Mr Mori – who has not been seen in public for years due to a string of health issues - would not comment. Although he seems fine and well for now, this reporter can’t help but think there were different motives behind his act of heroism.

The main mystery of this scenario is of course where these Warbots came from. While there are hundreds of these deadly mechs still roaming the North Western Wastelands from wars gone by, these hulking masses of technology were slightly different in appearance and weapon loadout. What makes this even more confusing is there are no reports of these traveling machines North of Regants Fortress, indicating they came from an unknown location between the sectors around the Outpost and Neocron City.

Where did they come from? What made them group and suddenly travel huge distances towards Neocron? Call this a hunch but I think there is more to this than meets the eye, only time will tell.

Jake Davies


Here Comes the Bunny Man?

Created on 9/24/2017 10:55:35 AM by Jake Davies

This time of year is a weird one in Neocron City, while everyone goes about their business in their usual manner, something odd has happened for a number of years which few people have questioned. Now as the time draws nearer it has become the cause of chatter in the streets once again as citizens and Runners alike wonder… “When will the Bunny Man come?”

What we have come to know as Easter, is a time in Neocron when a mysterious benefactor takes to the streets and the wider wastelands distributing large colourful egg shaped containers. These containers have been known to contain items of extreme value and are in some cases quite hard to come by. So far over the years since this bizarre distribution of goods began, no one has been able to identify this mysterious individual which has led him to become somewhat of a legend.

In fact the only clues in any of this weird ritual – including the name of Easter -are the notes left tagged to the containers every year. Each one simply stating: “Happy Easter. Love, the Bunny Man x”.

While everyone seems to have enjoyed the new toys they find in the streets each year, one thing that has never been understood is, who is the Bunny Man?

Usually the whole affair is done and dusted within a matter of days; the eggs appear on a Friday morning in mid spring. Then as mysteriously as they appeared they vanish again on the following Monday, not to be seen again for 12 months.

The events of last year’s Easter have caused even more discussion in the streets. After the usual 4 days a number of the mysterious eggs remained. As months passed the NCPD chose to remove those in busier city sectors, some in the Wastelands and run down areas of the City remained, their paint fading and gathering dust. Some even became homes to some of the Wastelands smaller creatures.

What has become of the Bunny Man, and will he return to making his rounds again this year?

Jake Davies