Patch R217-218 released.

Created on 15.02.2017 23:02:02

The Neocron Support Team is pleased to announce the release of patch 217-218 to Titan. This release features a lot of UI and stability improvements to Neocron. The full patch notes can be found in the patch notes section.

Important: Key Bindings Changed!

Please reassign your keys. In the key options click DEFAULT and from there start assigning your wished key bindings again. If you do not reassign your keys, formerly ALT+[KEY] combination will work on [KEY] only!

Test server update - Implants and armour balancing

Created on 13.02.2017 22:23:03

The NST balance team for Neocron Evolution 2.3 have started testing of the next stage of balancing on the test server with changes to implants and armour.

Full test server patch details are on the Neocron Forums.

Please post any feedback and comments to the forum.

Softupdate R#216.1 & 216.2 released.

Created on 13.02.2017 22:01:18

In addition to the R#216 patch, the following soft-update fixes have been made.


  • NPC health decreased (-26%)
  • A test server drug was removed. (NCPD - move along!)
SOFTUPDATES are changes that don't require an update through the launcher or a server shutdown. SOFTUPDATES are applied to your local client while you play the game.

Join us on Discord, Say Goodbye to IRC

Created on 28.11.2016 12:51:50 by Trivaldi

Recently we joined the Discord revolution by creating the Official Neocron Discord community.

Due to the early success of this and the decline in use of our Official Neocron IRC channel, we have decided to not invest time in restoring our recently poorly IRC server.

Going forward we encourage everyone to join the Neocron Discord community where they can chat with the community and Neocron Support Team alike.

Discord offers many significant advantages over IRC which we hope will be of use to the community. Not only does Discord chat persist across sessions and devices but it also offers voice chat, easy image sharing, link previews, straight forward mobile apps and a rich friend system.

We hope to see you there!

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Servers Up! Welcome to Neocron Evolution 2.3!

Created on 12.11.2016 19:13:47 by Trivaldi

It’s here! Neocron Evolution 2.3 is now live on Titan.

Welcome to the next evolution of Neocron, packed full of changes, updates and bug fixes. This update goes way beyond even its own extensive patch notes (EN/DE). Not only does it deliver change today, it brings a ton of behind the scenes changes enabling us to keep adding to the game in the future.

We hope you’re as excited as us, we’ll see you in game!

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Get Ready to Evolve!

Created on 11.11.2016 23:08:47 by Kronos

Get Ready to Evolve! Prepare for Saturday.

On Saturday 12th November Neocron evolves again with the release of the Neocron Evolution 2.3 update. If you've not read the news already, you can read the details here.

Bringing this update to you will require some server downtime; to apply the patch, carry out some maintenance and perform some testing. We expect the downtime to last several hours and start in the late morning (CET).

Part of the maintenance will involve the reset of all non-apartment sectors of the game world. This involves taking them offline and essentially resetting them to their default state. This process ensures changes we've made to NPCs, sectors and missions all work as intended.

So, does what that mean for you?

Three things.

  • You must ensure you collect Quick Belts you may have left in the game world. When sectors are reset, the contents of any belts left lying around will be lost.
  • You must ensure you finish any running missions. If you have text in your Mission Log window (F8 of the RPOS), you will need to complete the mission before the downtime begins. If you don't, you will need to start the mission again from the beginning.
  • You will have some time on your hands while the servers are offline. For this we will provide you with the patch notes, so you can read and digest the many changes that will greet you when the servers come back online.

That's it! We can't wait to launch the update on Saturday and hope to see many of you online once Neocron Evolution 2.3 is released.

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Neocron Evolves Again, Saturday 12th November 2016

Created on 10.11.2016 18:56:16 by Trivaldi

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the Neocron Support Team I announce our target release date for Neocron’s next evolution. We appreciate the road to this point has been long and winding but as a team we are proud to finally bring you something very special indeed.

Neocron Evolution 2.3 releases Saturday 12th November 2016.

Reaching this point has involved the writing and rewriting of thousands of lines of code. Huge chunks of Neocron’s underlying systems have been gutted and entirely reengineered from the ground up.

Where there was once an unruly and at times haphazard weapon system, now lies a modern and efficient system. Acting as a foundation to be built upon the future the new system is designed with flexibility, growth and agile iteration in mind.

Shield mechanics have been completely re-implemented, fixing countless bugs and decoupling their behaviours from other systems which had previously limited their application. This also adds flexibility for future extension to the shield system.

Damage Boost, Parashock, “Leg Shots” and Foreign Cast mechanisms have all been completely rewritten making them flexible, configurable and most importantly – reliable.

A key part of the rebuild has been to return much loved weapon behaviours and setups to the fore. As a Runner in Neocron Evolution 2.3 you should have more setup choice than ever.

Finally, the Pegasus Engine, the Neocron Support Team’s evolution of Neocron’s game engine, has received several enhancements enabling positive change now and into the future. A number of graphical and logical features have been implemented, again with a focus on modularity and configurability.

This is just a taste of the changes awaiting you in Neocron Evolution 2.3 and the work involved to build the biggest Neocron update in over a decade. This also marks our return to more frequent updates going forward. Full patch notes will follow with the launch of Neocron Evolution 2.3.

In the meantime, point your friends and enemies alike to and get ready to evolve.

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Official Neocron Social Media Channels

Created on 12.11.2016 16:00:18 by Kronos

Hi Runners!

Just to let you know about all of our official social media channels that we use, so that if there is any downtime, news, announcements about the game, you can follow them on your favourite social media!

We will still be using the forums of course, but along with them, we will be posting snippets and sneak previews of the game ahead of events, such as patches. Don't forget to like or subscribe to these channels to get the most up to date information coming from us as it happens!


Upgrade Complete, Servers Online!

Created on 19.10.2016 22:00:13 by Trivaldi

All Neocron services are back online, running in our newly upgraded infrastructure. Thank you for your patience during the downtime and we will see you in game soon!