Database Servers back Online!

Created on 21.05.2019 12:26:14 by NST

Yesterday (20th May) a disk error issue occurred with our main Database Application server. This issue led to the unplanned downtime of the main Website, Forums, API and the Launcher.

At the time it was believed the issue was contained to the main DB Application server and would have no effect on the Titan Game Database which is on a separate server.

The NST uses virtualization technology for running its services and servers and after further checks it was discovered the Titan Game Database had suffered data corruption.

The Titan Game Database has been restored on 20th May at around 11:30UTC to the last good backup taken on 20th May at around 07:30UTC.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the rollback and we would like to thank players for their understanding and patience during the downtime.

All Neocron services are now fully restored and running.

Your Neocron Support Team

Titan back online!

Created on 05.01.2019 14:55:59 by NST

Titan is back online!

Sadly, we had to rollback everything to the 3rd of January 2019.

If you encounter any problems please contact

Sorry for inconvenience!

Titan - 05.01.2019, 14:26

Created on 05.01.2019 13:27:19 by NST

Titan is currently offline due to an issue with the DB.

We're currently fixing the DB to bring Titan back online.
Sadly, we have to rollback everything to the 3rd of January 2019.

Sorry for inconvenience!

Community Contest: Asset creating/restoration

Created on 20.11.2018 03:27:20 by NST

Dear community,

We have always felt there is too much-unused potential in our community and concluded that we have to make use of it!
We know not everyone can contribute on a regular basis but can spare the time to craft a one-off piece of wonderment. Therefore, we have decided it is time for a contest! Based on the success of this endeavour, this is something we would love to do more of in the future.

Aim of the contest?
New Assets!

Create a new asset which would fit into the Neocron world. A box, a picture, Event items etc. or restore an existing asset in High Definition.

Whether you use a Spec/Gloss or Metal/Roughness workflow is up to you, as long as you orient yourself on PBR guidelines for a naturalistic/realistic look.

Making Engine-ready assets:

All assets need to conform to specific standards to work with Neocron's deprecated engine:

  • All assets will need to go through a special converter tool later, this tool only reads certain formats (.FBX binary works perfectly). Assets need to be in a metric scale.
  • Neocron does not yet support state of the art dynamic lightning, all textures need to be prepared as Unlit with baked environmental lightning. That means all information is baked static into a single diffuse map. A lossless diffuse map in .PNG is fine. Do not bake strong directional lights or reflections.

Polygon Budget:
Up to 5k, with appropriate LoD's. LoD's must have the format: meshName_LOD0.
Texture-size: 1024px/m. Maximum texture size is 2048px.

Any tool you feel comfortable with and that can output .PNG and .FBX files
Your .FBX file must contain a non-triangulated original mesh to have options for changes.

The prizes?
Every asset which we decide to include in one of the upcoming patches will be awarded the following:

  • The honour of your asset being published in Neocron -> your name will be put in stone in the patch-notes!
  • A trophy* of your choice for one of your characters on Titan.

*Your choice of trophy excludes CopBot Trophies as well as Bronze, Silver and Gold Cups.

Get started and we look forward to reviewing the entries! To give you time to get your entry perfected over the busy holiday period, you have until Friday 11th January 2019 to craft and submit your entry.
Sent your entry via E-Mail to with the subject "Asset Contest".

Good luck!
Your Neocron Support Team

Account creation

Created on 04.10.2018 16:30:21 by NST

Good news:

Account creation is re-enabled!

You can now create new accounts.

If you already have a account and it’s “expired”, login to our webpage and accept our new privacy policy.

Update: Server Maintenance

Created on 07.07.2018 16:43:55 by NST

Dear community,

we finished the work on the servers - login and play! :)

Server Maintenance

Created on 06.07.2018 17:35:50 by NST

Dear community,

as you may noticed we have some trouble with Titan, because of this Titan will be offline at least for one day, so we can investigate the server to find this nasty bug.

Sorry for inconvenience!

Your Neocron Support Team

Join us!

Created on 17.05.2018 14:07:33 by NST

What do we need?

Your application should tell us about yourself, your relation to Neocron (including game/forum account name(s)) and include the items on the below list:

  • Examples of relevant role-specific work you've done in the past (doesn't need to be Neocron related).
  • Details of your qualifications ​and previous experiences.
  • ​We need to know whether you're ​​affiliated with another video games company.

Things to consider

  • You will need to sign a paper which grants us ​the right to freely use everything you create for us ​now and in the future.
  • We need people who are eager to contribute ​​on a regular basis and are very reliable to ensure that our development process runs smo​othly.
  • You need to be able to contribute an average of 4 or more hours per week.
  • Neocron is a voluntary project so all work would be carried out free of charge, of course we are happy for this work to be used in portfolios and presentations.
  • Finally, we can only accept you application if you are at least 18 years old.

Where do I send my application?

Please send your application to​ Only applications submitted in English will be considered, as we are an international team strong English skills are required. ​​We will try to​ get in touch with you as soon as we can. However, If you don't receive an answer within three days, do not hesitate to send us a short reminder.

Current Vacancies

Below are the roles we're currently actively recruiting for. However even if we're not actively looking for someone with your skill set, we'd still love to hear from you if you think you have skills we could use. Just drop us a line as per the above and we'll get back to you. This page is updated often as our needs and team evolve over time. 

Frontend Web Developer(s)

  • Required: ASP.Net, RazorEngine, JavaSCript, CSS, HTML.
  • Desirable: Experience with Orchard CMS.

Content Developer(s)

  • Required: Independent worker, eye for detail, creative, mission scripting, dialogue writing, storyboarding, ability to easily expand the ideas of others and an in depth understanding of Neocron's storyline and lore.
  • Desirable: Experience with gameworld editors, mission building and a flair for gameworld design.

3D Artist(s) & Texture Artist(s)

3D Artist

  • Required: Experience with 3DSMax, low-poly modelling for games
  • Desirable: Rigging using bones is a plus as also knowledge about 3DSMax 7 and or Milkshape

2D Artist

  • Required: Strong experience in Photoshop and smilar texturing tools
  • Desirable: Experience with mapping channels, traditional painting skills, non-destructive workflow. Experience within level texturing will be a plus.

BSP Mapper

  • Required: Strong experience in Hammer and smilar mapping tools. You need to party like it's 1999.

Update R234-236 Released - Neocron 15th Anniversary

Created on 12.09.2017 18:26:41 by NST

As part of Neocron's 15th Anniversary celebrations, the NST have released a new patch with new content and enabled a one time only character transfer for characters held on the old Terra, Mars and Mercury servers.

Patch notes can be view in the patches section of the website and details of the character transfers can be found here.