Update R227

Created on 9/5/2017 3:13:22 PM by NST


  • Crash fixed that caused by the sound playback


  • Maximal polycount processing per scene increased x10


  •  Client <-> server update mechanic altered - Should allow update over great distances (gameworld) aswell

Update R225-226

Created on 9/5/2017 3:13:40 PM by NST


  • DamageBoost should work on NPCs now
  • A bug in the hit detection was fixed - this bug lead to a wrong decision, it was too optimistic and in most cases you got the a positive decision result when the aim-recticle was fully opened


  • Rocketlaunchers, Fusion cannons and Raygun cannons should be more accurate now
  • Outpost hackterms are solid now - mostly. You may find some un-solid terms because these sectors are still *work in progress*
  • removed several flying trees in the wastelands
  • fixed several typos in scripts


  • Tweaked accuracy of AoE weaponry.
  • Slight damage increase for all heavy combat based AoE weaponry.
  • Self-inflicted AoE damage has been reduced from 175% to 125%
  • Anti Vehicle and Anti Air Rocket Launchers recieved a major buff in anti vehicle damage.
  • Slight decrease of Psi Attack damage.

Update R224

Created on 9/5/2017 3:13:46 PM


  • Stealth bug fixed by rewriting the entire client-server-sync code for effects


  • "Truesight Sanctum" has an increased tickrate and range
  • "Provoke enemy" is now working as intended
  • "Distract mind" is now working as intended

Update R223

Created on 9/5/2017 3:13:52 PM


  • A bug was fixed that leads to a crash when using multi lightning bolts or multi energy bolts
  • Network update tickrates increased


  • The Missiontext for the "NCPD has an eye on you" Mission was updated (Mission 3).

Update R219-222

Created on 9/5/2017 3:13:59 PM

Client / Server

  • General stability updates for the client and server
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong default values for some gameplay settings - this should resolve the "standing still" bug.

Update R217-218

Created on 9/5/2017 3:14:18 PM

Key Bindings Changed!

Please reassign your keys. In the key options click DEFAULT and from there start assigning your wished key bindings again. If you do not reassign your keys, formerly ALT+[KEY] combination will work on [KEY] only!

Faction Warzones

  • Club Veronique is now a Faction Warzones.
  • The Red Pepper Security guards will shoot runners that are hostile to the faction holding Club Veronique.
  • To hack a Faction Warzones requires 3 hackers.
  • DoY Sector 10 remains a Faction Warzone.

RPOS/UI fixes and improvements

  • Added /local, /buddy, /team, /direct and /custom commands to activate the corresponding chat channels when provided with no further text.
  • Added more options for the level designers regarding Wavespawns.
  • Added RPOS sorting to the items an NPC is selling. Click on the column titles Description, Sell or Buy to sort by them ascending or descending.
  • Added support for MBUTTON 5 to 8 (If supported by the mouse and drivers)
  • Item-swapping enabled, except for items in your inventory.
  • Item highlighting of recently changed items.
  • Double-click an item in armour or implant window moves that item to the inventory.
  • Holding SHIFT/CTRL on moving stacked items moves all or one item instead of asking the player in an dialog.
  • Added ALT+[KEY] bindings. Players can now decide which action shall be used with a ALT+[KEY] combination.
  • Added Loot-Rights. With ALT+0 to ALT+5 you can select who might be able to loot your NPCs. This applies just loot NPCs.
  • Increased NPC Dialog blending speed
  • Fixed NPC Dialog to not show the old answer options when blending the new dialog text
  • Fixed E-Mail count on effects list is now correct.
  • Fixed a bug causing rpos.ini to be deleted.
  • Fixed the buff timer animations.
  • Fixed correct display of armour values in the Armour Interface (F4) Values now match with the values from the item information.
  • Fixed furniture placing now correctly increases the free load on the player.

Droning fixes and improvements

  • Added new controls to drones. Droners can now control the distance to ground with Duck and Jump keybindings.
  • Fixed a problem with the view not correctly updating when dropping drone control.

Gameworld fixes

  • Fixed Viper King and Scorpion Queen item drops.
  • Fixed respawn for players after deaths in starter MC5 Hacknet sector.
  • You can no longer sit in the hack terminal in DoY sector 10.
  • Typo fixes in various NPC dialogs.
  • - Mr. Jones Preacher Mission
  • - MC5 Starter Mission (Tasha)
  • - Tangent Epic Mission
  • - WoC PSI Savant
  • The 2nd level sewer in Plaza 1 (Nearest to Medicare) is re-opened.
  • DoY sector 3 is re-opened.

Main menu fixes and improvements

  • Did you know? On the main menu you can now read info you may not know yet but might get handy.
  • The appearance can be customised with the [HINTOFTHEDAY] section of the RPOS.INI and FONT.INIi files. (See below)
  • Added the use of Browser keys Previous/Next in the main menu to go back/next.
  • Fixed Main-Menu key option menu: Using the up and down buttons does not require to select the centered action anymore before setting the key binding
  • Fixed Main-Menu character selection: The male heads should be now in the same position independent of character class. (Female to follow)
  • Fixed Main-Menu all: ESC key changed! It will return to the last menupoint instead of leaving the game. On the login menu the ESC will still prompt you to exit.
  • Fixed Main-Menu list boxes: Active list-boxes did scroll on key repeat events, even when Neocron was not in focus.
  • ALT+TAB / ALT+F4 fixes while Splash-Screens are active.

Server and client stability fixes

  • Fixed "Configure Hardware" button in the Launcher.
  • Fixed a problem with syncing which leads to infinite syncing with 0SL and no items.
  • Fixed the despawn time of dead Wavespawn NPC's. You have now time to loot them.
  • Fixed a possible crash on closing Neocron just before it was completely initialised.
  • Fixed some server and client side stability issues on handling resources.
  • Fixed possible crash in maps with low bitdepth high resolution textures.
  • Fixed NPC synchronisation. You should no longer receive damage without seeing the shot animation/projectiles.
  • Fixed CPU high load on some systems or situations (i.e. inactive client at Fullscreen)
  • Crashes/players getting stuck in DoY Sector 3 were fixed.
  • The number of security layers for Outposts and Faction Warzones can now be configured by the NST.

Hotfix 218

  • Fixed slow syncing into worlds.
  • "Loot-Rights: Team" is now working as intended.

New RPOS.INI and FONT.INI settings

Below are the new RPOS.INI Settings and their possible values in ranges [min..max] or listed as / separated options


The default font values for hint of the day in FONT.INI



The patch notes can be discussed in the Official Neocron Forums.

Update R213-216

Created on 9/5/2017 3:14:08 PM


  • Resists given by armor have been reduced;
  • Absorber, Deflector and Protector efficiencies have been lowered;
  • Overall player damage and NPC healthpools have been reduced;
  • Fixed mistakes with some fire and poison APU modules (Instant damage / DOT split was wrong);
  • Ray of Last Hope damage decreased

Known Issues

  • Wrong numbers will be displayed in your Armor interface (F4) once you equip armor.

Patch R206-212

Created on 2/13/2017 9:51:05 PM


  • Softupdate 205.1 + 205.2


  • A series of bugfixes to prevent server crashes when NPC are calling for help
  • Client stability improved - This is still work in progress, please report if you do have still crashes

Known Issues

  • The Configure hardware button from the launcher isn't working. The workaround is to hold down Shift when you click on "Play Neocron 2" button. Keep shift pressed until the hardware configuration screen comes up.

Patch R204-R205

Created on 2/13/2017 9:48:34 PM


  • Fixed several server side crashes;
  • Fixed several client side crashes.


  • Soft Update 203.3;
  • MC5 Base Commander now correctly calls for help when being attacked.


  • Added new rare Automatic Pistol;
  • Added new rare Mini Rocket Launcher;
  • Adjusted balance of the Automatic Pistol Weapon Family;
  • Adjusted balance of the Mini Rocket Launcher Weapon Family;
  • This patch contains lots of treats in preparation for S.A.N.T.A-bot coming to town. Stay tuned!


  • Client.exe was renamed to NeocronClient.exe as preparation for some game recognition mechanics. Please make sure your firewall rules are fitting this

Patch R203

Created on 2/13/2017 9:46:47 PM


  • Client/Server stability increased. Sometimes the worldserver has crashed which resulted in a sync or throwback to the login - this should be fixed now
  • The Civil Administrator Mission (Starting Area - MC5) is now working as intended


  • Softupdate 202.1
  • Return of the floats - Floats are visible on the info page again until we have fixed this with an overhaul of implants and armors
  • Ammo + mods of the SECOND LOVE can be found by the right trader now