Patch R177 & R178

Created on 10/23/2013 12:50:40 PM

Patch R177


  • Fixed a number of exploits
  • Fixed a number of server and client crashes
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to damaged chardata
  • Interpolation (clipping) fix redone from the ground up
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from activating Gene Replicators inside appartments
  • Fixed the combat rank of droners being lower than expected in certain cases
  • Fixed the CR being too low when changing zones inside a vehicle
  • Fixed the respawn behaviour of several container types (containers spawning quest items, e.g. Grim's ID cube, as well as hacknet code fragments)
  • Fixed the buy/sell window covertly resetting the amount to a value of 1 when clicking buy/sell. Now it properly retains the previous value
  • Fixed item count not corresponding with the entered amount when moving stacks of items


  • Fixed drone AoE damage, LEd droners now damage themselves as well as their drones
  • Fixed CR being too high inside hacknet


  • Fixed Fallen Angels CityCom missions

Game World

  • Outzone Sewer Sec-1 now uses the correct world
  • Added Outzone and Pepper Park apartment key smuggler to Pepper Park Sec-1
  • Black Dragon contacts have been sighted outside of the Pussy Club
  • Fixed a number of gameworld bugs and missing objects in Via Rosso Sectors 1, 2 and 3.
  • Fixed a number of gameworld bugs and missing objects in Pepper Park Sectors 1, 2 and 3 including the Crahn Church
  • The Snack-A-Tack shop in Pepper Park Sec-3 went out of business
  • Removed OOC advertisment in Pepper Park Sec-1 and Via Rosso Sec-2
  • New vendors have moved into Battle Dome
  • Arrested the thief of the sign post in the newbie Area MC5 and returned the sign safely to its home
  • Overhaul of H14 and the H14 Command Unit
  • Replanted several trees in J 04
  • Fixed several floating objects in H 15 and fixed the hole in the fence near MC5


  • Female vendors now have the correct skin
  • Significantly increased rare part drop chances for Warbots and a number of related techmobs.
  • Fixed GenRep costs for Crahn, Black Dragon, Tsunami Syndicate, Fallen Angels and Twilight Guardian HQs to reflect their post-DoY locations.

Hotfix R178

  • Fixed several server side crashes
  • Fixed a problem with the patcher
  • TL92 Pulselaser Pistol is back in stock
  • Staff Sergeant Van Dyk has moved
  • Turrets in Tech Haven's Energy Core 2 now return fire

Known Issues

  • Sometimes after zoning the screen becomes grey/blue/etc, to fix it press alt+e twice
  • Wildcard search inside citycom still not reenabled