Patch R175 & R176

Created on 10/24/2013 3:23:06 PM

Patch R175


  • Dropped support for DirectX 7
  • Changed FoV angle, therefore players seem to move slower
  • Fixed numerous exploits and vulnerabilities
  • Fixed several possible server crashes
  • Fixed a bug that stopped Neocron from launching when certain applications are open ("Chrome Bug")
  • Fixed a crash on alt+tab in wastelands in full screen mode
  • Fixed the main menu going black on alt+tab in full screen mode
  • Fixed a crash caused by neocron.ini not being writable
  • Changed the way interpolation is handled ("clipping fix")
  • Tweaked the net code to always include y updates and update more frequently
  • Fixed a bug that caused the HUD not being rendered on screenshots
  • Screenshots are now saved as .jpg
  • Fixed a bug that caused the HUD to reset to default state after a crash
  • Removed legacy elements from the HUD (e.g.: recover backpack)
  • Fixed misalignment of world map at widescreen resolutions (full screen mode)
  • Fixed culling problems with widescreen resolutions (full screen mode)
  • Fixed misaligned outpost signs
  • Added widescreen resolutions to the launcher configuration panel
  • Added Anisotropic Filtering, configurable via the launcher configuration panel
  • Fixed truncation of entries inside error.log
  • Added timestamps to the damage log


  • Fixed an issue with team XP calculation
  • Fixed combat rank not always being updated
  • Fixed a bug that allowed overcasting of stronger shields.
  • Fixed low level drones being very hard to use
  • Reduced the intensity of visual interference when Drones are being damaged
  • Fixed several issues and exploits concerning casting
  • Changed the way combat ranks are being calculated
  • Fixed AI not being able to target drones in special cases
  • Fixed a reloading bug


  • Fixed drop rate of fragment from Tacholytium Titan Warbot for Crahn Epic mission #4. Now always drops for those with the mission.
  • Fixed spawn of Malfunctioning Warbot Prototype in the MIRL-600 Warhammer Mission
  • Fixed spawn of Heff in TG Canyon.
  • Fixed a conflict between Reza's Calling & Regant's Faith Missions

Game World

  • Turned around the CopBot staring at the wall in Plaza Sector 1 (after 8 years, the wall wins)
  • Added permanent spawn for the Outzone Sector 2 High Tech Cannon Smuggler
  • Added permanent entrance to the Drone Racetrack in Tech Haven Sector 2
  • Fixed position and alignment for a large number of static objects and NPCs
  • Fixed a large number of wrong object types (e.g.: CityComs being tagged as chairs)
  • Fixed many more miscellaneous game world issues
  • Removed OOC advertisement from the Plaza area
  • Replaced Outzone Station ambient sound
  • Added RN Terminals to Crahn HQ


  • Temporarily removed outpost turrets
  • Added TL63 Gatlin Cannon to high level low tech cannon vendor
  • Added a new loading screen
  • Fixed Venture Warp returning players to apartment

Hotfix Patch R176


  • Implemented a fallback inside the D3D9 driver, older cards should work again
  • Enlarged horizontal field of view to 110 degrees
  • Fixed several possible reasons for server crashes
  • Fixed issues with the netcode causing packet loss


  • Fixed issues with terminal missions in several HQs

Known Issues

  • Entering wildcards in the player search does not work anymore
  • Sometimes after zoning the screen becomes grey/blue/etc, to fix it press alt+e twice