NCE 2.5.99 - Redflash

Created on 3/22/2021 7:11:12 PM

Bit of a quick update this evening just to avoid some potential problems. A few backend tweaks, but we've still added plenty of noticeable stuff for you Runners! Details below!

As usual, any problems; Let us know via Discord or Twitter.

Gameworld & Content

  • Added improved LoM pills (65% less XP loss) - You can buy those in the Canyon, Plaza Sector 1 and Military Base
  • Added Rapture ammo and ammo mods to ammo vendors
  • Added new decals and decorations to Military Base Sector 1 and 2 and grounded floating actors
  • Altered the itemplan (the stuff you need to CST it) for Turrets
  • K15 - Moved 44th squad into a building and cleared more spawns around their new location
  • K15 - Moved some of the Nomad Traders to ensure they always spawn
  • K15 - Fixed floating/clipping actors
  • Reduced time taken for Mutant Deaddrop to refill in I06
  • Fixed the short names for Xbow ammo packets
  • Canyon Facility Cave (Easy) - Iguanas replaced with level appropriate Creepers and Gnawers
  • TG Easy Quick Kill Missions for Iguanas replaced with relevant Creeper and Gnawer
  • Canyon Facility Cave (Normal) - Scorpions replaced with level appropriate Spiders (the Tunnel (Normal) spawns remain as Scorpions)
  • Canyon Facility Cave (Hard) - Spawn chance increased for Giant Scorpions and lowered for Big Scorpions'


  • Added remastered Military Base Sectors
  • Added remastered Military Base Apartments
  • Added remastered Military Base Bunker


  • Fixed Medium Carbonsilk Underarmour
  • Fixed Blessed Spirit Boots
  • Nerfed Rapture to account for its "double" damage - a temporary fix whilst the issue is investigated
  • Re-added the Class=Tank requirement to "Tank" Power Armours
  • Decreased the requirement & TL for PE DEX based PAs V-1 from 75 -> 70
  • Drones dealing AoE have reduced HP by 20%
  • Drones dealing damage to single targets have reduced HP by 10%
  • Reduced recoil on Sniper Rifle and Marksman Rifle by 25%

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed potential issue with some loot tables
  • Fixed potential issue related to bad world data
  • Improved 'LoM' code - We're now able to scale the XP loss