NCE 2.5.94-96 - Redflash

Created on 3/12/2021 7:18:55 PM

More updates tonight! Just in time for a weekend of Neocron! Get patched up, and get playing!

Oh, and don't forget to give us some feedback on the new El Farid! If you haven't seen it on our PTS, you'll want to go and check it out!!

Don't forget to come and join us on Discord, or shout us @Twitter if there are any problems! See below for the Update Notes.

Gameworld & Content

  • Mine Traders are now selling REC Fluid, as intended
  • Grounded floating actors, and removed obstructions in I08
  • Re-added Swamp Warrior to spawn list
  • Re-added /112 Hoverbot to spawn list
  • Updated daily mission script to reflect soil samples drop from both Swamp Warrior and Big Swamp Warrior
  • Adjusted Soil Sample drop rate based on mob rank
  • Fixed an issue with the Area MC5 Hercules CPU Implant, which was only implantable to the 3rd brain slot (now working on every brain slot again)
  • Increased drop rate of Soulcluster essence
  • Normalized Outpost Trader prices
  • Outpost Traders now sell Hightech Rifle Ammunition
  • Fixed the German description for the Condor Glider, it now shows the correct ammunition you need


  • Rebuilt the El Farid dungeon from scratch and compiled a new .BSP
  • Added remastered desert buildings


  • Added a new door sound for the El Farid dungeon


  • Rebalanced Swamp Warrior to suitable Health and Damage for their new /80 rank
  • Fixed Piercing resist on Medium Carbonsilk Underwear
  • Fixed Xray resist on Medium Argentiferous Underwear
  • Corrected Force resist bonus on Yellow Dragon drugs
  • Corrected bonus values for Havenin-Forte and Havenin X-Forte

Technical & Client Updates

  • The current Bad World Data fix has been regressed to allow further investigations.
  • Further code instrumentation and logging on the server to help and track down the current stability issues.
  • Fixed an issue with researching A-Parts, you're now able to research those parts.