NCE 2.5.86>89 - Redflash

Created on 2/21/2021 3:11:01 PM by Kronos

Well, what can we say. The initial receivership of this massive update is amazing! Thank you to you all for your continued support. Without you, there is no Neocron!

Firstly, I apologise for not getting these update notes out sooner. You'll understand why shortly!

Secondly, due to the sheer quantity of notes, we're not posting them directly on here. We're providing a link to a PDF for you to view/download at your leisure. 

Please, take your time reading them, there are a lot of changes, and it DOES all make sense! 

As usual, if there are any glaring errors, then do let us know via Twitter or Discord.

NCE 2.5.86>89 - Redflash - Update Notes