NCE 2.5.106-107 - Redflash

Created on 5/10/2021 11:01:20 AM by NST

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed short name for Nightspider drug;
  • B08: Moved UG slightly to reduce clipping, removed some bushes with hitboxes, fixed some floating actors;
  • C09: Moved boxes near shop to prevent players getting stuck, removed boxes in hackterm, fixed clipping actors;
  • D13: Removed / moved trees sticking out of mountains sides awkwardly;
  • G12: Made hackterm solid, removed/moved some trees and bushes, added a gap in wall from UG to shop;
  • I04: Hackterminal is now solid;


  • Dex Tank PAs - Reduced combat skill bonus by approx 35%;
  • Dex Tank PAs - Added ATH malus;
  • Dex Tank PAs - Reduced total resist given by approx 17%;
  • Ionic Shotgun Pistol - TL increased from 95 to 97;
  • Roughly doubled the speed of rockets;
  • Slowed "Pathfinder" glider speed by -27%;
  • Slowed "Observer" glider speed by -26%;
  • Slowed "Air Guard" & "Stinger" glider speed by -27%;
  • Slowed "Condor" & "Buzzard" glider speed by -35%;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed "TempEffect" bug;
  • Added extra logging for shield issues;