February & March 2013

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Hello Runners,

First of all we have to apologize for letting you down for so long. Life has been rather busy for all of us. As you all noticed we skipped last month's development summary. We are sorry! It was ment to be a monthly development update and we will do our best to ensure that it will stay that way!

Storyline: Powder Keg

Since the last update our new storyline Powder Keg has thrown more events into the mix of play. From set piece events driven by Official Roleplay Characters to large scale spawn events across the game world.

The feedback we're receiving is great and we really appreciate it as it allows us to adapt our plans in reaction to what is working well, or not so well. With that said if you have any more you'd like to tell us about the progression of the story line, please do so in the forum.

Keep your eyes peeled for story events and Official Characters you might not have seen before... there's a storm coming!


Storyline associated content development is going well, every day allows us to learn more about the tools now available to us beyond what we had before. With improvements to those tools from our developers the first of our world changes is starting to really shape up and will hopefully be a positive change in the way you experience the game.

We can't give too much away right now but we're confident you will enjoy the change and what it means for your interactions and movements in Neocron City and across the Wastelands.

Other content work is currently in progress but this is more about providing a better foundation and increasing variety in the experiences you already have. Again we can't reveal too much but we are slowly chipping away to improve one aspect of the game players have requested for years. More on that when the time comes.

Finally we'd like to say that we have a definite understanding of just how big the Neocron gameworld is and we certainly want to start to fill some of the lesser used areas. Content for that purpose is in The Plan™ and we have ideas for a lot of new things to do but we must ask for patience as this will take some time.

Neocron Needs You - GFX Lab

Over the years countless members of the community have in some way or another, wanted to help out in making Neocron the game we all want it to be. Last month we put out the call for graphics talent to help us improve Neocron's visuals and that invitation is still open!

To date applications have been some what sparse and we hope you've all not forgotten about this awesome opportunity to leave your mark on Neocron forever! Head over to the GFX Lab thread to see if you have what we need! Don't be shy either! If you're not sure you have the relevant skills or experience still apply as we have people on hand who can help you out should you need a couple of new skills to fit the bill.

Dev Feedback on the Brainport

We are very happy to see all your feedback on the Brainport and to discuss it teamwise. However, we feel that we have not yet given you enough feedback on all the great ideas you posted there, but this is not an easy task. We have to discuss every idea internally first. Afterwards we can get back in touch with you. We are working in the background on giving you better feedback on the feedback you are giving us, because we very much appreciate it! <3


The balancing is ongoing. We will not release one huge patch, like the last large balancing project did, instead we will first of all tackle several general issues and afterwards we will balance class by class. During the balancing patch series, the patching frequency will be higher than usual. We will need everyone to help in testing those balancing patches and give feedback to be able to make this the Neocron it should always have been! Expect to see some updates to Vedeena, soon!

Law Enforcer

We are aware of issues related to the Law Enforcer feature and are currently evaluating a number of options to improve this feature of the game. While we have no details to share right now, we want to assure you all that we take your feedback seriously.

If you have an idea on addressing this feature, please create an individual brainport thread. This is incredibly helpful when it comes to quickly analysing your thoughts - and discussing them internally - on any matter. It prevents potentially great ideas from being lost among what can be lengthy discussions.

New Neocron Installer

Since the last update in January 2013 the installer was released for public testing which has been completed.

The testing and feedback by the community has been excellent. Issues caused by AntiVirus programs, and some other minor issues have been fixed. We have noted a few feature suggestions made by the community which may make it into future versions of the installer.

The new installer is available for download on the Neocron Home Page.

Your Neocron Support Team