Development Blogs Relaunch

Created on 04.06.2014 07:39:37 by Trivaldi

Previously the Neocron Support Team have tried to launch a monthly/bi-monthly update, to communicate development progress and other various status updates. We appreciate that this has not been as clear as it could have been. A lot of the time this longer update has not been as detailed or as transparent as the community would like.

In order to tackle this and hopefully move to a more transparent operating model, we are going to change gear slightly. Rather than having each internal team provide snippets of information for a larger post, we will now be encouraging our Team Leads and Members to write their own (probably shorter, sometimes longer) blog posts.

Updates from the Neocron Support Team will now be a little more casual but will also hopefully provide more of the information you want to read. You’ll get more details about the processes used to improve Neocron, teaser screenshots of upcoming content and asset changes, data used to improve the balance of the game as well as more general updates from each internal team.

In recent months we have tried to improve our transparency on the forums and increase our interaction with our community and their discussions. This will also continue and will likely be the inspiration for future development blog posts.

Blog posts will be a natural continuation of the Development Updates blog on our new look website. You’ll be able to find an overview of fresh posts on the homepage as well as in the relevant tab of your Neocron Community Edition Launcher.

Join us on the Neocron Forum to discuss.

Happy Reading!