Balancing - the (near) future

Created on 8/4/2014 8:06:34 PM by Alduin

Dear Runners,

Balancing phase one has finally come to an end. The final patch has been applied to Vedeena, final feedback has been gathered and adjustments have been made. The final patch will be built the first weekend in August. Great news I would say and I hope you will say so too!

So when will this patch be applied to Titan you may ask? Soon(TM). We will hold this patch back a little bit to carry out some maintenance work on Titan. We want to ensure that this patch launch goes as smoothly as possible and ensure that Titan is prepared for a huge wave of returning players. The problem however is that we cannot give you a schedule on this yet, because our main server administrator Zoltan, is currently barely available due to a hardware failure with his laptop. Rest assured we will do everything we can to get everything up and running as soon(TM) as possible.

What about the future of the balancing project? One thing is sure, the balancing project will continue. First and foremost we will want to gather large scale feedback on phase one to see what went wrong and what went well. In case there are urgent issues with phase one we will of course patch them as soon as possible - remember we were never afraid of patching at weekends. ;)

However in parallel we will also continue to the work on phase two which will at least consist of changes to implants, like for example, giving every single implant a purpose again. The development of phase two will not take as long as the development of phase one. For phase one, a lot of tools had to be developed and a lot of research had to be conducted. The tools are now developed and also large parts of research are completed which will considerably speed up development of phase two. More details on phase two will follow soon(TM).

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