Saturday 06/MARCH/2021 10:00 UTC - Extended Maintenance Downtime

Created on 05.03.2021 11:05:54

Hey everyone! 

Firstly, on behalf of the NST, thank you for all the bugreports, balancing feedback, and general comments regarding our 2.5 MASSIVE update! It has certainly kept the team busy reviewing your comments and making changes to help improve things further!

Secondly, as a result of the above, we're planning an extended maintenance window tomorrow, Saturday 6th March, from 10:00 UTC. This downtime window we're estimating will finish around 14:00 UTC, but this time could vary depending on time needed for updates. 

Thirdly... at the end of the extended maintenance window, we're pushing out the next update for Neocron! Update notes will hopefully be available during the downtime for you to read before getting back into game :)

As usual, any problems, queries, or you just fancy chatting, come find us at Twitter and Discord.