Database Servers back Online!

Created on 21.05.2019 12:26:14 by NST

Yesterday (20th May) a disk error issue occurred with our main Database Application server. This issue led to the unplanned downtime of the main Website, Forums, API and the Launcher.

At the time it was believed the issue was contained to the main DB Application server and would have no effect on the Titan Game Database which is on a separate server.

The NST uses virtualization technology for running its services and servers and after further checks it was discovered the Titan Game Database had suffered data corruption.

The Titan Game Database has been restored on 20th May at around 11:30UTC to the last good backup taken on 20th May at around 07:30UTC.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the rollback and we would like to thank players for their understanding and patience during the downtime.

All Neocron services are now fully restored and running.

Your Neocron Support Team