Community PvE Event - Abandoned Crahn HQ

Created on 2/15/2024 12:16:53 PM by NST

Join us tonight for another of our "harder" community dungeon runs. We will run the Abandoned Crahn HQ at 8pm GMT.

As this marks a step up in difficultly I would like to share some considerations:

  • No noob characters, this is intended end game content so attending characters should reflect that
  • No afk leechers taking up team slots
  • We need PPUs, at least 1 per team
  • Please wear appropriate armour for the dungeon
    • Damage Types for this dungeon are: Energy, Fire, Poison, Force
  • The bulk of enemies are in a large room, we will need AoE to clear them effectively
  • Target priorities are:
    • Renegade Elder > Renegade Monk > Renegade Priest > anything else
  • The entrance offers some cover, but with the expected numbers it will be full
  • Zoning out puts you a DoY sector away and you need to run back (markers will be placed to lead you back)

As usual we will be running this as close to a normal player scenario as possible, meaning no GM assistance (no GM buffs, no GM rez, etc). When / if the team wipes, we will clear the area, GM rez and reset.

Hopefully we will manage to get some successful runs.