Server Side Update 12/01/2015

Created on 12.01.2015 20:43:12 by Trivaldi

Titan is back online.

Having been alerted to a game play vulnerability Titan was briefly taken offline in the last 30 minutes for investigation. The server is now back online after a server side update was applied. Please note that some sectors may be slow to respond as all sectors were taken offline and reset during the brief maintainence period. Characters effected by the vulnerability will be rolled back briefly to repair their associated data. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Thank you for your patience during this unexpected but neccassary downtime. 

Patch Release - Hotfix R#195/6/7 is Live!

Created on 05.01.2015 00:11:42 by Trivaldi

We're pleased to deliver a hotfix patch to address broken team pointers which were deactivated with a change introduced in R#192. Along with a new feature in the same area, the patch fully commits changes made via soft patch recently.

Specifically Patch R#195 & R#196 addresses the following items:

  • Team pointers have been reenabled to display the health of team members in the same sector
  • New Feature: Clan pointers have been added to display the health of clan members in the same sector
    • Clan pointers can be toggled using ALT+J or with the /set ctrl_showclanarrows command. This toggle is available as we appreciate high quantities of labels may be problematic for larger clans.
  • CopBots have been equipped with new rifles which deal increased damage and have a slight stun effect
  • A number of high level monsters - including warbots, doom harbringers and other high level encounters - have more health and deal increased damage

and Patch R#197 addrsses the following items:

  • Health bars for NPCs with particularly high health now display correctly
  • Remote repair tools should now function again as normal

You can discuss this patch on the Official Neocron Forums.

Soft Patch Deployed - 24/12/2014

Created on 24.12.2014 12:08:12 by Trivaldi

A soft patch has been applied to Titan reducing the maximum level of NPCs to 120.

NPCs which were beyond this level range have been reduced to level 120 temporarily. The most notible NPC effected in PvE scenarios is the Genotoxic Nightmare. Other effected NPCs exist but these are largely mission and interaction NPCs, rather than monsters to hunt.

Temporarily reducing all NPCs to a maximum of level 120 is required to counter an XP calculation bug associated with NPCs above that level. After investigation we have discovered this bug has existed for a number of years, it is the recent activation of Triple XP for the festive period that has brought this bug to a detectable level.

We'd like to take this oppurtunity to thank the players who brought this to our attention so promptly. We aim to fix the bug and return effected NPCs to their intended level in a regular patch early in 2015.

You can discuss this news post on the Official Neocron Forum.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015!

Created on 22.12.2014 17:50:24 by Trivaldi

Another one of these already? How time flies. Your Neocron Support Team would like to wish you all the best for the year to come in 2015 and we hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

While we know this time of year is busy with friends and family, don't forget about your frenemies in Neocron! Like last year we've decided to give you some incentive to slope off toward the computer and fill each other with festive plasma!

We've enabled Triple XP through to December 26th, you'll then be able to enjoy Double XP through to January 5th.

Consider it a little extra present from us to you alongside the shiny new Patch R#192.

Merry Christmas!

Patch Release - R#192 is Live!

Created on 21.12.2014 19:53:01 by Trivaldi

We're pleased to announce the release of Patch R#192 to Titan. This patch contains a huge number of changes including new graphics assets, tweaked weapon balance, interface updates, new missions and improves the quality of life for negative soul light runners.

To ensure your Neocron client is prepared to run with the latest patch, you will need to download the latest run time version from Microsoft. Details of where to find this are in the patch notes.

You can find details of all included changes in the Patch Notes, we also welcome feedback and discussion on the Neocron Forum.

Releasing Patch R#192

Created on 20.12.2014 17:23:12 by Trivaldi

Titan will receive Patch R#192 prior to Christmas. If everything aligns that will likely be this evening (20/12/2014). Downtime for the patch will be announced in game allowing you to log off, deployment of the patch should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Patch notes for R#192 will be made available as soon as possible after patch deployment.

You can discuss this on the forum too.

Patch Release - R#189 Is Live!

Created on 11.09.2014 09:45:28 by Trivaldi

We're pleased to announce the release of Patch R#189 to Titan. This patch concentrates on fixing bugs and addressing wider reaching issues introduced in the first release associated with the Balancing Project.

You can find details of all included changes in the Patch Notes, we also welcome feedback and discussion on the Neocron Forum.

PTS Updated! R#189-T#201/T#202 Released.

Created on 05.09.2014 20:49:33 by Trivaldi

Today we have updated our Public Test Server Vedeena to the next patch level! As always we really value your feedback and invite you to join us and other members of the community on Vedeena over the coming days. 

We look forward to seeing you on the PTS! You can find all the details of the current test patch in our Testing & Development Forums.