• Spidercave

    Created on 02.04.2020 16:47:45 by NST

    As you may noticed the Spidercave is not accessible at the moment.

    We're investigating the issue.

    For the time beeing we've deactivated the sector.

    We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience you might have encountered.

  • NCE 2.4.58 - Coco Candy

    Created on 29.01.2020 15:00:15 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • Assigned the correct AI script to "BIG HOVERBOT";
    • Added a new bone enforcement set (Apparition);
    • Added a new armour set (Viper King);
    • Added "No Drop"- flag for WoC 3 Powerarmour;
    • Fixed the NavRay-route to the "Biological Research Lab" (Jones Mission);
    • Added the new Pepper Park "Apartment Complex" to the NavRay;
    • Added Tech Haven apartments to the NavRay;
    • Added Canyon apartments to the NavRay;
    • Added Military Base apartments to the NavRay;


    • Balanced Wisdom of Ceres Powerarmour for all classes;


    • Fixed shading of NC1 NPC models;
    • Fixed some wrong assigned textures;
    • Fixed an over-casting FX effect on hover engines;
    • Created new Laser blade icons (blue/red/orange) and assigned them properly;
    • Added new bone enforcement icons;
    • Added new item icons;
    • Improved visuals for all melee weapons (they're using the 1st person model now);
    • Fixed some attachpositions;
    • Fixed rare-fx positon/rotation;
    • Claws are now shown on the back;

    Technical & Client Updates

    • Fixed broken NavRay code, which prevented the system to generate new routes; 

  • NCE 2.4.57 - Coco Candy

    Created on 25.01.2020 11:53:17 by NST

    Gameworld & Content

    • The Crahn Sect Hacknet Logout/Exit is now, as intended, at the HQ GR;
    • Added new Bat Queen bone enforcements; 
    • Altered the drop chances/loot in the new Spider Cave;