Originally developed by Reakktor Media GmbH, Neocron Community Edition is the continuation of the Neocron 2 Project.

Handed the keys to the servers and source code of Neocron 2.2 in April 2012, the Neocron Team is dedicated to keeping Neocron alive and pushing to realise its abundant potential. In agreement with Kirk Lenke, former CEO of Reakktor Media, the Neocron Team now control every aspect of the Neocron you know and love; its operation, support and continued development.

Built around a core of long serving Gamemasters the Neocron Team is staffed entirely by volunteers from the Neocron Community.

Neocron Community Edition is truly unique, a vast open game world with a deep gritty cyberpunk atmosphere, now developed both by and for its extremely dedicated community.

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The Team, Who's Who?

You may think the list of us is quite long but with all the areas involved in running Neocron - never mind further developing it - the below illustrates just where all the man power goes. The aim here is to shed some light on what everyone does and how they contribute to the project.

Below are details of current members of the Neocron Team at the time of writing.

Neocron Support Team


Our resident master of missions is Baldur. Having recently taken over the lead of content development, Baldur spends his time fixing mission scripts, creating new ones and crafting all of the bits and pieces required to make a mission come to life. That's in addition to populating the world as you see it with objects, NPCs and everything else you shoot.

Since we took over Baldur has been key to our efforts of understanding and fixing Neocron's mission system and its associated scripting language. Now more is understood; populating environments, building NPCs, implementing new items and wrangling the Neocronicle team is what keeps him busy.


Neocron team members often need to be a jack of all trades. This is certainly true for Bifrost. Providing a lot of time to manage our bug tracker he also dips his toes into numerous areas. Fixing mission exploits, verifying bug reports, repairing NPC logic, providing in-game support, and looking after the Neocron installer and it's compatibility with modern operating systems.

Recently he has also taken up development of tools as we work to close tool gaps and speed up the way we do things. As this is only a recent change, Bifrost is just starting to get stuck into this area.


If you've ever received support in game or via email in Neocron's decade plus existence you have likely spoken to BlackIvory. Through thick and thin she is there to provide you with support to ensure you can continue to enjoy the Neocron you love. From the pre-NST era of Neocron BlackIvory continues to be a rock within the team.

Account information, account retrievals, missing belts, stuck characters, bugged stats, broken NPCs, faulty missions, missing mobs and times when you don't even know what is going on, BlackIvory is more often than not who will come to your rescue.


Recently moving from the Neocron Labs Team to the Neocron Support Team, Bragi is a man with a plan. In the eternal struggle of herding cats that is balance, Bragi is hoping to make some sense of it all. Working closely with Alduin in the past Bragi has a number of ideas up his sleeve to improve Neocron's game play and righting some of the wrongs made in the past. While much is still to come this is the guy crunching the numbers and scheming the schemes.


Part of the furniture this guy is from the old school. He tried to escape his cage once so now we have to let him out into the so called real world. Hoder is our oracle when it comes to Neocron's game master operations and is an essential part of training newer members of the team.

If there's a weird support problem or you run into one of Neocron's many many obscure GM ability oddities, it's likely Hoder will know what to do. You will also still find him on the other end of a support ticket from time to time.


Social Media Manager. Keeping you all informed of events, patches, scheduled downtime. Occassionally providing sneaky previews to new content, or upcoming changes to Neocron. Where possible Kronos also chips in with events, community management, and proof reading, as well as in-game support.


King of the forum. Lord of the Ban Hammer. Nidhogg continues to provide us with support on the Official Neocron Forum, including forum moderation, administration and keeping everyone (players and team member alike) in check. Nid provides us with a grounding in impartiality and an unrivalled history of our forum community.


Now responsible for improving information flow to the community, Trivaldi also acts as a conduit for information inside the team. He is also 'the HR department'; trying to make sure the team is happy so our volunteers can pour as much as they can into the game - ideally with as few roadblocks as possible.

As it's where he started in the NST-era of Neocron, Trivaldi also has a lot of experience with Neocron's world population tools and worked on a lot of gameworld fixes while Baldur learned the ins and outs of the mission system. Now he lends a hand to the content and storyline/neocronicle teams where time permits.


Dragging Neocron kicking and screaming into a higher resolution has been Xortag's task since he joined the team. Much of the new art work now starting to make its way into the game is the product of this man and his understanding of Neocron's graphics underbelly.

With a wealth of experience in producing suitable artefacts, Xortag also provides a lot of advice in getting the most out of Neocron's graphics technology - and how our programmers can most efficiently improve it.


The man. The legend. The sleep-proof robot. Our Swiss army knife. To you he is Zoltan, to us he is the answer to a lot of our problems. Z is currently the main man for development of Neocron's server and client while Alduin is on hiatus. We can only assume Zoltan sees the world like the matrix, as on top of that he also does everything he used to do anyway.

He spends his time programming the game, writing tools, creating middleware with Arkhive, maintaining the databases, providing programming support to the website, managing the infrastructure, running events, providing RP support, supporting customer support and everything else you can think of.

The only thing he doesn't do is sleep.

Neocron Labs Team

The NLT is the entry level of the Neocron Team, it's where we first introduce team members to working with Neocron. This allows us to ensure people are the right fit and more importantly have the right kind of time and attitude for working on the project. Once members of the NLT show they've got what it takes we move them into the more public facing NST.


Supporting Xortag in the Asset Lab, Falchion has been working to provide some of the new art assets that are slowly starting to creep in to the game.


Originally taken on to support translation, proof reading and fixing many typos in the Neocron world. Manticore is now working with Baldur on the content team, in recent months he has also taken an active role in the Neocronicle.


Another fairly recent addition to the Lab Team is MaxxJag. Having already provided solid work used to improve the modification of NPCs, he is working on his second project in the tools space. This second project is an exciting gateway to another aspect of improving Neocron's content offering.